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1. What is my collection day for garbage, recycling and yard waste?
2. What is my collection day for bulk/hard junk?
3. When can I place my carts out for collection?
4. When do I have to have my carts returned to storage?
5. Where am I allowed to keep my collection carts?
6. Can I keep my carts in the alleyway?
7. What happened to the commingled collections?
8. How much yard waste can I place out for collections each week?
9. How much bulk waste can I place out for collection each month?
10. Why can't I throw my bulk and yard waste in the alley? Isn't that what it's for?
11. I received a violation. What does it mean?
12. Who is responsible for trimming the landscaping in the alleyways?
13. Are house numbers required in the alleyway?
14. Can my professional landscapers leave the materials they cut?
15. I live in Hollywood a few months out of the year. Do I still have to pay when my place is unoccupied?
16. How can I earn rewards for recycling?