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Sustainability and Resiliency Survey

  1. Sustainability and Resiliency Survey
    The City of Hollywood is committed to increasing the sustainability and resiliency of the community. Sustainability, in this context means a balance between our societies, economies, and environment. It is quality of life that does not come at the expense of our environmental resources and which may in fact enhance environmental quality. Actions and projects which are sustainable also help make us resilient. Resiliency is the ability to adapt to change and recover from impacts. Resiliency is our ability to create a community that will still work in the future.
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  4. Please rank the following focus areas from 1 to 7 in order of priority.
  5. In relation to Leadership by Example, please rank the following potential recommendations.
  6. Integrate resiliency goals into City Comprehensive Plan.
  7. Align City Code and Zoning regulations with resiliency goals.
  8. Create a program to educate City employees on actions to reduce their environmental footprint.
  9. Reduce paper use by City employees and residents, businesses, and developers engaging with the City (e.g. electronic bill pay, permit applications, etc.)
  10. Create a policy by which all capital improvement projects within the City will meet resiliency standards and align with City wide resiliency goals.
  11. Improve energy and water conservation at all City buildings.
  12. Develop a Green procurement policy to evaluate and select vendors and products.
  13. Incorporate environmental features such as carbon offsets, enhanced recycling and waste reduction, and incentives for alternative transportation into all City events.
  14. In relation to Mitigation and Adaption, please rank the following potential recommendations.
  15. Require the City to take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy conservation and energy generation.
  16. Encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from businesses and residents through incentive programs, such as rebates.
  17. Set goals for Greenhouse Gas targets based on the best available and most current climate science.
  18. Enhance coastal resiliency through improving our beach dune system.
  19. Enhance coastal resiliency through protection and restoration of coral reefs.
  20. Address flooding through improving sea walls.
  21. Address flooding through investment in green infrastructure/vegetated bioswales.
  22. Identify areas of the City particularly vulnerable to sea level rise to focus investment and project implementation.
  23. Conduct education and outreach to inform residents about the causes, impacts, and solutions to climate change.
  24. source: wlrn
  25. In relation to Built Environment, please rank the following potential recommendations.
  26. Enhance green building and renovation requirements in City Code.
  27. Install demonstration projects on City-owned properties of desired green building features including energy efficiency, energy generation, solar thermal, and permeable pavement.
  28. Reduce the Urban Heat Island effect through the requirement of Cool Roofs for all new and replaced/repaired roofs.
  29. Adopt a policy requiring reduction of light pollution in line with the International Dark Sky Association criteria.
  30. Require regular energy and water audits for commercial buildings
  31. In relation to Resources Stewardship, please rank the following potential recommendations.
  32. Adopt ordinances that require stormwater management through green infrastructure and permeable surfaces.
  33. Reduce water use for irrigation through promotion of native landscaping and xeriscaping.
  34. Educate home owners about no cost and low cost energy efficiency upgrades.
  35. Free or low cost professional energy audits offered to residents and businesses.
  36. Create incentive programs to encourage energy generation.
  37. Increase public education about recycling and waste reduction.
  38. Require sub metering in multi-tenant buildings.
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  40. In relation to Environmental Quality, please rank the following potential recommendations.
  41. Conduct pollution prevention education city wide.
  42. Educate residents, businesses, and landscapers about proper fertilizer application to reduce nutrient pollution.
  43. Adopt rules regarding the use of gas powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers to reduce air pollution.
  44. Improve air quality through no-idling policies and education.
  45. Acquire vacant lots to create neighborhood pocket parks.
  46. Remove exotic plant species on City properties and private properties.
  47. Increase tree canopy city wide.
  48. Education programs targeted to divers and boaters regarding coral reef conservation.
  49. Increase the number of opportunities for community – wide clean ups in waterways, the beach, and in neighborhoods.
  50. tree canopy.jpg
  51. In relation to Community Engagement, please rank the following potential recommendations.
  52. Enhance Resiliency and Sustainability messaging at events, on the website, and through social media.
  53. Create a “Sustainable Lifestyles are Healthy Lifestyles” campaign
  54. Create a Sustainable Neighborhoods Program
  55. Create a Hollywood Green Business Program.
  56. Create opportunities to engage in public art.
  57. Encourage the expansion of community gardens throughout the city.
  58. Support temporary creative neighborhood uses of vacant properties (gardens, farmers markets, popup parks, etc.)
  59. Please select from the following based on your level of awareness.
  60. Broward County Transit
  61. Tri-Rail
  62. Hollywood Trolley
  63. Hollywood Train to Trolley Shuttle
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  65. Which of the following would most likely encourage you to use public transportation?
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  66. Which of the following would most likely encourage you to use non-motorized form of transportation (bike/walk)

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  67. Thank you for taking time to complete the Sustainability and Resiliency Survey.
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