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Certificate of Use Application

  1. Certificate of Use Header Graphic
  2. Instructions

    No person, firm, landlord, tenant or corporation shall commence any use of any property, other than single-family residential, until an application for a Certificate of Use Application has been filed and such application is approved by the Division of Planning and Urban Design.

    There is a $121 non-refundable fee for the processing of this application for a Certificate of Use. The Certificate of Use Application will not be processed until payment has been received.

    The Certificate of Use verifies that the use described by the Applicant is an allowable use for the identified property. Said verification of uses is based upon the list of allowable uses per the applicable Zoning District as identified in the Zoning and Land Development Regulations and the Land Use Designation as identified in the Land Use Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

    Certification of Use in no way waives or guarantees compliance with other applicable Zoning and Land Use Regulations or Florida Building and Fire Codes. The property and all applicable structures shall fully comply with all applicable Codes and Ordinances prior to the commencement of the approved use.

  4. Enter proposed Business Name and DBA
  5. Is this application associated with a Building Permit or Code Violation?*
  6. Is this business located within the Yellow Green Farmer's Market?*
    If located in the Farmer's Market, market vendor approval letter is required.
  7. Describe business type & operations to occur at referenced address or specify number of residential units for residential rental uses,
  8. Missing documents may delay the review of the application.
  11. This will also be the email used to issue the Certificate of Use if approved.
  12. Submittal Affirmation and Acknowledgment *
  13. Payment Processing
    After pressing "submit" at the bottom of this form you will be redirected to submit the $121.00 Application Fee. Refer to the example below for instructions on fill in payment form. Applications will not be processed until payment has been received. Submittal of this Application without payment will result in delayed processing times.
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