What to Do if You Receive a Code Violation

Citations will have the code section that was violated and will state the time allowed for compliance. The length of time given generally depends on the nature of the violation and the measures necessary to make corrective actions. If you do not understand the nature of the violation or if you need additional time to comply, contact the officer who issued the notice. The objective is compliance; reasonable requests for extensions are generally granted. You may also receive a letter regarding the violation; however, not all violations require a follow-up letter. Failure to comply may result in the case being referred to a City contractor for correction with assessment of the appropriate fee. Garbage and commingled violations are corrected by the Public Works Department with a penalty fee assessed. Additionally, cases may be scheduled for adjudication by the Special Magistrate. The Magistrate can assess a fine for continued noncompliance. An unpaid fine generally results in a lien on the property. Work performed by City contractors to correct violations which are unpaid becomes a property tax lien which has to be paid in order to transfer the sale of the property.

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