How do I make a complaint against an employee of the Police Department?
The Hollywood Police Department has created a Complaint Brochure to inform Hollywood residents and visitors of the process of making a complaint. The brochure is also available in Spanish, French and Creole. These brochures are also available at the Police Department's Headquarters.

Complaint Process:
All complaints will be accepted by the Internal Affairs Unit and can be received in person, by letter, by complaint form, by telephone, or by e-mail. Anonymous complaints are also accepted. The Office of the Chief of Police will review all complaints and a determination will be made to assign the complaint to the appropriate Division Major or the Internal Affairs Unit for investigation. Following a thorough and impartial investigation, a disposition will be rendered based on all available factual information. The complainant will be contacted at the completion of the investigation, and will have an opportunity to discuss the disposition of the complaint.

Step 1: You may contact the Hollywood Police Internal Affairs Unit at 954.967.4398, by email to

Step 2: Complaints can be documented on a Complaint Intake Form. Forms are located in the lobby of Police Headquarters.

Step 3: Completed Complaint Intake Forms may be hand-delivered to any On-Duty Supervisor, hand-delivered to the Public Information Desk in the lobby of Police Headquarters, mailed or faxed to the number included on the Complaint Intake Form, or emailed to

Complaints can also be submitted via our online Complaint Intake Form available on the Internal Affairs website. Click the Internal Affairs website link below.

You must print, fill out, then mail, fax or hand-deliver the form to:

Hollywood Police Department
Internal Affairs Unit
3250 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, Florida 33021
954.967.4398 (Internal Affairs Unit)
954.967.4313 (Fax)

Step 4: You may at any time speak with an On-Duty Supervisor to initiate a complaint on any Member of the Police Department by contacting 954.764.4357.

Step 5: Upon receipt of the complaint, you will be contacted by the investigating Supervisor or the Internal Affairs Unit. At this step you may be requested to provide a sworn statement(s), produce any evidence of allegations and/or discuss the complaint in detail.
Internal Affairs

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