Pursuant to Chapter 36 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Hollywood, notice is hereby given that a hearing has been scheduled before the Special Magistrate of the City of Hollywood, at City Hall Commission Chambers & Virtual, 2600 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, Florida. on JULY 21, 2021 AT 1 p.m. for the following list of properties and alleged violation(s):

Property AddressCode Section Case No.
1907 N SURF RD151.130(A)(1)V20-11363
2030 WASHINGTON ST157V20-12469
2200 WILEY ST72.112(A)V20-12725
2927 MADISON ST151.130(A)(1)V20-13903
2026 FLETCHER ST151.130(A)(1)V20-14000
2747 DEWEY ST106.26(A)V20-14011
1934 WASHINGTON ST151.130(A)(1)V20-16387
2743 DEWEY ST151.130(A)(1)V20-17460
2125 N 22 AVE157 - RESIDENTALV20-21135
831 S 26 AVE72.111(B)V20-21630
602 S 24 AVE72.111 (E ) V20-27191
1200 S DIXIE HWY104.01(A)V21-11286
2621 GRANT ST50.02(B)(2()b)V21-12190
2621 GRANT ST50.02(B)(2()b)V21-12191
2320 POLK ST 4.1.AV21-13357
2000 SHERIDAN ST8.6V21-13674
2414 N FEDERAL HWY8.6(G)(8)V21-13675
2414 N FEDERAL HWY8.2.AV21-13679
2621 GRANT ST50.02(A)(2)V21-14506
2403 LIBERTY ST50.02(A)(1)V21-15336
2403 LIBERTY ST50.04(B)(1)(d)1-8V21-15337

Additional information regarding this notice, call the Office of Code Compliance Division at
(954)921-3061 between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.
Dated and Posted this  07TH DAY OF JULY 2021