Effluent Recharge Treatment Pilot Study

The City of Hollywood utilizes an open ocean outfall to discharge treated waste water (secondary effluent) from the City's Southern Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. Revisions to the Florida Statute require the City eliminate use of the ocean outfall by 2025. The City will also be required to implement additional reuse of waste water. Based on a preliminary evaluation of alternative reuse options, Floridan Aquifer recharge through direct injection was identified as a method of compliance.

An Effluent Recharge Treatment Pilot Study evaluated and determined the optimal method for the City of Hollywood (and the Large Users) to comply with the Ocean Outfall Rule Change; the following report Effluent Recharge Treatment Pilot Study summarizes the findings.

The Ocean Outfall Compliance Report Update for the Southern Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (Facility ID FL0026255) is intended to satisfy the reporting requirements outlined in Section 403.086(9f), Florida Statutes.