Labor Relations & Risk Management


The mission of the Office of Labor Relations & Risk Management is to build and promote a work environment that fosters a positive and effective relationship between labor and management including mitigating risk through training, risk management consultation, transfer of risk and effective claim management.

Labor Relations Responsibilities and Services

Labor Relations serves as the City’s point office on all matters concerning labor relations. To foster open communications, the Office of Labor Relations & Risk Management maintains an open-door policy with employees, supervisors and the unions. To this end, the Office of Labor Relations & Risk Management employs a focused and professional staff with responsibility for:

  • Negotiating, administering and interpreting the City’s collective bargaining agreements with the three unions and five bargaining units covering approximately 1,400 employees.
  • Providing advice and counsel to management on labor matters, including performance management, progressive discipline, grievance and dispute resolution procedures.
  • Administering the grievance process.
  • Facilitating labor/management meetings between departments and the respective union.
  • Conducting investigations (including investigating all complaints concerning discrimination and harassment) in a neutral manner, guided by the principles of consistency and fairness and in compliance with all state and federal laws.
  • Administering the City’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy.
  • Administering the City’s Family Medical Leave Act Policy.
  • Reviewing requests for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Risk Management Responsibilities and Services

Risk Management is responsible for administering the City’s self-insurance program for workers’ compensation, general liability and property damage claims, and reviewing Certificates of Insurance. Included in these activities, is the processing of all such claims and overseeing the City’s safety policies and procedures.

  • Workers Compensation:

    This program provides protection for City of Hollywood employees for any injuries sustained arising out of and in the course and scope of their employment. If you are a City of Hollywood employee and you feel that you have sustained an on the job injury you must immediately notify your supervisor or designee and the Advocacy 24/7 Work Injury Nurse and Telehealth line at 855-474-5264..
  • Liability Claims: 

    If you feel that you have sustained bodily injuries or property damage as a result of something the City did or did not do, you should notify us according to the following: If the claim involves property damage due to an automobile accident, potholes, fence damage, golf balls, or tree limbs please call 855-474-5264 for instructions on how to file your claim. 
If the claim is attorney represented or involves excessive force or false arrest, please call 954-921-3505 for instructions on how to file your claim.
Liability Claim Form 

  • Certificates of Insurance:

    All vendors who provide services for the City of Hollywood must have appropriate insurance coverage. Insurance protects the City of Hollywood and taxpayers by transferring the risk associated with services and work to a third party.

    The type and amount of insurance the vendor must carry is determined by the risk involved in the work being performed:
    • Most common types of services require general liability, commercial automobile, and workers compensation insurance coverage.
    • Some vendors may need additional classes of coverage such as professional liability, pollution liability, cyber liability, garage keepers or liquor liability.

If you need assistance in determining the types of insurance coverage needed, please contact Risk Management at