Engineering, Transportation & Mobility

Engineering provides development, planning, design management, regulatory permitting, and construction management for all associated engineering activities that involve the City. Engineering oversees reviews of site plans and building permits, sidewalk café tables permits, traffic engineering and public right-of-way rehabilitation oversight, right-of-way permit review, plat and subdivision regulations, roadway rehabilitation programs, portable storage container permits and tree removal permits.

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Please note: the 50/50 Sidewalk Program was discontinued as of October 22, 2020. For more information call our office at 954.921.3900.

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Engineers Reviewing Plans

Permit Applications (Click the Image Below)


Sidewalk Cafe Tables Permit Update:

“Due to the Hollywood Blvd Streetscape Project, Sidewalk Café Permit fees will be waived for the businesses that are located along Hollywood Blvd between Dixie Highway and Young Circle until further notice.


Please be advised that if a business intends to continue operating a Sidewalk Café, a Permit is still required and only the associated fees are waived.


For more information please reach out to the Engineering, Transportation and Mobility Division at (954)-921-3900 x  6645”

City of Hollywood Guide to Tree Maintenance 

For the past four decades, the City of Hollywood has been recognized as Tree City USA, meaning it has focused on improving and protecting its urban forest despite its densely populated community. As such, it is essential for all property owners to properly care for their trees to ensure a thriving, dense canopy for generations to come. If removal becomes necessary, there are  a few things you should know. Click the image below to watch the video to learn more about caring for your trees.

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Project Updates

Commissioner Quintana, City Staff, and Circuit representatives coordinated with Memorial Healthcare Systems to share  information about the new Sun Shuttle service being offered in portions of Western Hollywood. Residents attending the meeting at the Boulevard Heights Community Center had the opportunity to learn about the new service, obtain assistance installing the App, and inspect one of the electric vehicles that will be used. Memorial Meeting 9252023

 For more information about the service please visit the City’s Sun Shuttle Micro-Transit webpage at

 City of Hollywood Sun Shuttle Micro-Transit Service (


Florida Department of Transportation is starting construction of the intersection improvements at Sheridan and 46th Avenue:

Sheridan Street at N 46 Ave

Purpose: To upgrade lighting and signalization at the intersection of SR 822/Sheridan Street at N. 46th Avenue

Length: 0.3 miles

Anticipated Construction Start: September 2023

Estimated Completion: Early 2024

Contract Time: 173 calendar days (plus, additional weather and holidays)

Estimated Construction Cost: $1,746,922

Sheridan Street at N 46 Ave

  • Upgrading existing signalization with mast arms
  • Extending the left-turn lanes at the intersection to provide additional vehicle storage capacity
  • Milling and resurfacing the existing roadway
  • Replacing and upgrading existing curb sidewalk ramps
  • Upgrading signing, pavement markings, lighting with LED fixtures, and pedestrian signals
  • Upgrading existing signalization with mast arms
  • Extending the left-turn lanes at the intersection to provide additional vehicle storage capacitySheridan Street at N 46 Ave

  • Single lane closures are permitted along SR 822/Sheridan Street between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Single lane closures are permitted along N. 46th Avenue between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Motorist and pedestrian access to businesses and residences will be maintained at all times

Sheridan Street at N 46 Ave

Contact Information - If you have additional questions, please contact the project team:

Sarely Tejeda, P.E. – FDOT Project Manager

(954) 218-4104

Rebecca Guerrero – Community Outreach Specialist

(954) 940-7605

Inna Leskovykh – Project Administrator

(954) 298-9288

City of Hollywood Neighborhood Greenways Design Project 

Department of Development Services, Engineering, Transportation and Mobility Division requested and negotiated a proposal with Kimley Horn and Associates to provide professional consulting services to complete the design of approximately 38 miles of neighborhood greenway bicycle facilities throughout the City.  The final designs when completed, will allow the City to integrate the neighborhood greenway construction into existing milling and repaving projects

Johnson Street Bridge Design Project

The City recently received $950,000 in State funding to assist with the replacement and widening of the Johnson Street Bridge.   The Department recently negotiated and awarded a contract to the Corradino Group to complete the design.   The design and required permitting is expected to be completed within the next 18-24 months.  The City intends to replace the bridge within the next 5 years 

Johnson St North Side

City of Hollywood Neighborhood Traffic Signal Box Wrap Beautification Project

The Department has identified various traffic signal boxes located in high visibility areas and on City owned streets and right of ways. These traffic signal boxes will be wrapped in unique art work selected for each location.   Currently the City has the art work approved for all traffic signal boxes that have been identified. 

 Signal box pic 2

Phase I was completed with two traffic signal boxes within each district.  Phase II will include an additional 24 traffic signal boxes and is expected to be completed by December of 2023.  

Traffic Signal box wrap Pic. 4

New milling and resurfacing projects are underway for the following Alleys:

  •  Alleys South of Tyler St. to North Hollywood Blvd from 10th Ave. to 7th Ave.
  • Alley  South of Coolidge St. to North of Harding St. from North 23rd Ave. to North 22nd Ave.
  • Alley  South of Johnson St. to North of Lincoln St. from North 56th Ave. to North 53rd Ave.
  • Alley  South of Lincoln St. to North Buchanan St. from North 56th Ave. and North 53rd Ave. 
  • Alley  South of Buchanan St. to North of Pierce St. from North 56nd Ave. to North 53rd Ave.  
  • Alleys South of Hollywood Blvd. to North Harrison St. from South 14th Ave. to South 11th Ave. 
  • Alley South of Thomas St. to North Liberty St. from North 23rd Ave. to T Alley
  • Alley South Pierce St. to North Fillmore St. from North 56th  Ave. to North 53rd Ave. 
  • Alley  North Harding St. to T. Alley from North 45th Ave. to North 44th Ave. 
  • Alley  North 45th Ave. to North 44th Ave. from South West Park Rd. to North Harding St.
  • Alley  North 17 Ct. to North 17 Ave. from North Hayes St. to South Arthur St. 
  • Alley  North 17 Ave. to North 16th Ct. from North Hayes St. to South Arthur St. 
  • Alley North Cleveland St. to South of S. Longfellow Cir. from North 37th Ave. and North 35th Ave. Alley North 32nd Ct. to North 32nd Ave. from North Coolidge St. to South Liberty St. 

ALLEY(4740)_8208 pic 1

New sidewalk construction for district 6 are underway for the following areas: 

  • Sidewalk Washington St from  S64 Ave to S63 Ave
  • Sidewalk S63 Ave from Washington St. to Adams St.
  • Sidewalk Adam St. from S63 Ave to S64 Ave
  • Sidewalk Jefferson St. from S63 Ave. to S64 Ave
  • Sidewalk S63 Ave from Washington St. to Jefferson St

  S 63 AVE_8248 Sidewalk pic 1

Impact Fee

Public Notice was made on June 22, 2022, providing 90 day notice that the  City intended to amend Chapter 38 of the Code of Ordinances and create a Development Impact Fee.  The new Development Impact Fee provision encompasses Impact Fees that will be used for funding new capital or expansionary projects within the following City business units: 

  • General Government Buildings
  • Fire-Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Multi-Modal Transportation.   

 The City Commission adopted the new Impact Fee Ordinance based on a study completed by Tindale Oliver.  The new impact fees applies to all applicable new construction building permit applications submitted on or after September 22, 2022.  Impact Fee Schedule