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A proposed site plan shall be submitted to the Department of Planning and Development Services that will be forwarded to the Technical Advisory Committee following the preapplication conference, commonly referred to as the Preapplication Conceptual Overview (PACO) meeting. A preapplication conference with the Department of Planning and Development Services staff shall be required prior to the preparation and submission of any site plan required pursuant to this Article. The purpose of this conference shall be for the staff and applicant to discuss overall community goals, objectives, policies and codes as related to the proposed project and to discuss the technical review procedures of the site plan and development review process.

The Technical Advisory Committee is composed of representatives from the following administrative departments/divisions of the city: Police Department, Fire Department, Public Utilities, Department of Planning and Development Services, Engineering Division, Public Works, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts, Code Enforcement, and other divisions of the city administration as determined by the City Manager. In addition, if the project is within a CRA District, the respective Executive Director of the CRA District will participate in the review process. 

The Technical Advisory Committee does not approve proposed developments, but ensures technical compliance with all applicable State and local codes and regulations. 

The Technical Advisory Committee projects listed on the agendas are in the development review process. Please view the Meeting Agendas page for meeting dates. In addition to viewing the plans at this site, the project plans may also be viewed at Planning, Room 315 of City Hall, 2600 Hollywood Boulevard.


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