Officer Owen Coleman

Officer Owen Coleman was killed in the line of duty in 1926 after serving only 4 months on the Police Force. Officer Coleman was 23 when he was gunned down while conducting an investigation at a farmhouse. He was newly married and had been on the force for three months.

Officer Coleman was the first officer killed in the line of duty after the city was incorporated in 1925.

Officer Coleman had responded to the disturbance involving several men at the Wilhelm Farm. While trying to arrest one of the men a struggle began, the lights went out and Coleman was shot and fell mortally wounded.

Very little is known about the incident, as all of the Hollywood Police Department's records were destroyed in the hurricane of 1926. In fact, no one within the Hollywood Police Department knew of Officer Coleman's existence until 1994.

Upon learning of the Officer's death in the line of duty and confirming the story through other sources, the Hollywood Police Department added Owen Coleman to the Officer's Memorial in the lobby of the Police Station.


Officer Owen Coleman
Police Officer from
09-1925 to 01-25-1926