Policies & Procedures


The Human Resources Policies and Procedure Manual is designed to assist certain covered employees with understanding the City’s personnel management and benefits program. It is not intended to create a property right to employment nor is it a guarantee of individual employment for a stated period of time. 

We are currently in the process of updating this page. Please contact the Office of Human Resources at 954.921.3216 if you have any questions or requests regarding copies of any of the documents listed below.


Human Resources Policies & Procedures


001 HR Policies & Procedures Manual

002 Forms Availability

003 Definitions

004 General Hiring Procedures

004-1 Personal Appearance-Dress Code

005 PT and or Temporary Employees

006 Retention of Temporary Employment Services

007 Provisional Appointments

008 Interns

009 Veterans Preference

010 Employment of Relatives

012 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

012-1 Tobacco Free Workplace

014 Probationary Period

015 Employee Identification

016 Moving Expenses

017 Separation of Employment and Career Advancement

018 Pay and Classification Plan 

018A Comprehensive Pay Plan

019 Flexible Wage Schedule at Entry and Promotion for EMLTC Employees

020 Approval of Personnel Actions

021 Salary Increases for Executive, Management, Technical, Confidential and Legal Employees

022 Longevity Compensation

023 Overtime and Compensatory Time

025 Declared Emergency Pay Policy

025-1 Disaster & Emergency Preparedness

025-2 Critical Incident Notification

026 Equal Employment Opportunity

026-1 Addressing Equal Op Actions Objectives

027 ADA Accommodation and Access to Facilities

028 Sexual Harassment

029 Internal Complaint Procedures

030 Familiarity with Contracts and Employment Rules and Regulations and Departmental Policies and Procedures Manuals

031 Personnel Records

032 Code of Ethics

032-1 Political Activity

032-2 Secondary Employment

032-3 Fraud Prevention Detection and Reporting

033 Acceptance of Gifts

033-1 Charitable Solicitations

033-2 Fundraising

034 Solicitation and Distribution

035 Smoke Free

036 Drug and Alcohol Testing Program for Employee Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles

037 Workplace Violence

038 City Vehicle Drivers

038-1 Travel Policy and Procedure

038-2 Take Home Vehicle

038-3 Pool Vehicles

038-4 Parade Float Safety

039 Corrective Disciplinary Action

040 Verification of Employment and Reference Requests

040-1 Media Relations

040-2 Oral and Written Communication Between Staff and The Mayor and Members of the City Commission

040-4 Customer Service Standards and Communication

041 Employee Benefits

042 Employee and Dependent Health

043 HIPAA Procedural Requirements

044 HIPAA Physical Safeguards

045 HIPAA Electronic Safeguards

046 Employee and Dependent Dental Insurance

047 Donation of Accrued Leave

048 Employee Assistance Program

049 Employee Discounts

050 Family Leave

050-1 Domestic Violence Leave

051 Flexible Work

052 Jury Duty

053 Leave Without Pay

054 Military Leave for Active Duty

055 Military Training Leave

056 Vacation Leave

057 Personal Leave

058 Holidays

059 Sick Leave

060 Sick Leave Pool

061 Special Leave

062 Workers Compensation

063 Supplemental Workers Compensation Payments

064 Pension Plans

064-2 Leave Accrual Cash-Out for Non-Represented

065 Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

066 Disability Insurance

069 Preferred Premium Account

070 Educational Reimbursement

071 Bereavement Leave

071-1 Unfunded Payroll Deductions

072 Employee Orientation

073 Employee Training and Development

074 Diamond Service Award

077 Electronic Mail (E-Mail) and Personal

077-1 Social Media Use

078 Self-Insurance Program

079 Safety and Occupational Health

080 Employee Comments-Testimony at City of Hollywood Public Meetings

081 Acquisition of Wireless Communication Devices

082 Memorium for Deceased Employees

083 Volunteer Day

084 Direct Payment Vouchers - form

084 Direct Payment Vouchers

085 Telecommuting

086 Pandemic Disease

087 Domestic Partner Health Insurance Eligibility

088 Infection Control Procedures

089 Infection Control Procedures and Protocols for Civil Service Testing

090 Public Records

091 Personal Mail

092 Face Coverings

093 Single-Use Plastics

094 COVID-19 Vaccination