False Alarms

Maintaining Your Alarm System to Prevent False Alarms


The Hollywood Police Department responds to hundreds of alarm signals each year that are the result of faulty or malfunctioning alarm equipment, or user error. These false alarms place an unnecessary strain on police resources, waste taxpayers' dollars and hinder law enforcement’s response to actual emergency situations.

It is important that you learn how to properly use your alarm system and ensure that it is properly maintained.

Helpful Tips to Avoid False Alarms

  • Before activating your alarm system when you leave your premises, lock all protected doors and windows, and keep pets, balloons and fans away from monitoring sensor areas.
  • Have your alarm company regularly check and service your alarm system.
  • If you re-enter your home because you have forgotten something, turn off the alarm and reset it when you leave again.
  • Know how to clear a wrong code if you make a mistake on the keypad.
  • Make sure everyone who uses your alarm system understands how it works.
  • Notify your alarm company immediately if you think your system isn't working properly.
  • You may cancel an alarm signal that you know is false by immediately contacting your monitoring company and providing the correct security code before the Police arrive. A false alarm report will not be issued if the alarm is cancelled before the police arrive.

Avoiding Mandatory Service Charges for False Alarms


False alarms can cost you money. When the police respond to more than two false alarms at your address in a permit year (October 1st through September 30th), you will be charged a mandatory service charge per false alarm as follows:

Mandatory Service Charge for Each False Alarm

  • 1 - 2: $0
  • 3 - 5: $67
  • 6 - 10: $134
  • 11 or more: $269

If you incur a mandatory service charge for a false alarm, please pay it promptly to avoid further collection action by the City, including legal recourse.

To Appeal Your Citation


If you believe you have been cited for a false alarm occurrence in error, please call Customer Service at Treasury Services Division at 954.921.3246 to appeal your citation. Proof of error may be requested.