When various fines, fees, or charges remain unpaid by property owners, the City can exercise its legal right to place a lien against an owner's property to ensure the eventual collection of an unpaid amount.

Liens & Interest

All liens accrue interest daily (except for Code Enforcement liens, which are daily fines that accrue over time). The City utilizes the rate of interest established by the State of Florida pursuant to Section 55.03 of Florida Statutes unless specified otherwise in the City's Code of Ordinances.

The City also pays a fee to Broward County to record a lien and to have it removed from public record. When a property owner pays an outstanding lien on a property, the property owner must also pay the accrued interest on the lien as well as a $40 fee to cover the City's costs of processing and removing the lien from the county's records.

Customer Service

If you have questions about liens or on how to request a lien search, please contact Customer Service at 954.921.3246.

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