Vendor Survey

The City of Hollywood conducted a survey of City vendors and the results are as follows:

Vendor Survey - Calendar Year 2021
Categories Very Satisfied Satisfied Neither Satisfied 
nor Dissatisfied
Disatisfied Very Disatisfied
Professionalism 53.57% 25% 10.71% 7.14% 3.57%
Efficiency 46.43% 25% 10.71% 14.29% 3.57%
Helpfulness 53.57% 21.43% 14.29% 3.57% 7.14%
Clear Communication 48.15% 25.93% 11.11% 7.41% 7.41%
Accessibility (in-person, email or phone) 46.43% 32.14% 7.14% 7.14% 7.14%
Guidance/Bid Process 46.43% 35.71% 7.14% 7.14% 3.57%
Customer Service 46.43% 35.71% 10.71% 3.57% 3.57%
Timeliness 53.57% 28.57% 3.57% 10.71% 3.57%

Vendor Survey Comments with Responses

What suggestions do you have for City procurement staff to improve customer service? 

Create timely bids and respond to emails / calls from vendors

Solicitations are posted with all relevant timeframes and deadlines (i.e., issuance date, deadline for questions, deadline for submittals, etc.).  Inquiries and questions are responded to in BidSync within reasonable timeframes, and emails/calls are also responded to timely.  Vendors may call the Office of Procurement Services at any time for assistance at (954) 921-3299. 

Provide time when bids are available. 

Bidsync notifies vendors of bids/solicitations tied to each vendor’s commodity codes. We recommend that vendors also periodically check BidSync and the City’s website for opportunities to bid on City projects. 

We were awarded a contract but we took a few months to actually begin working. Our poc did not know who to contact, how to send files, etc. I think the onboarding process for vendors should be more efficient.

When an award is issued through the Office of Procurement Services, the point of contact on the solicitation provides guidance and assistance to all involved throughout the solicitation and selection process, including vendors.  The Office of Procurement Services will solicit vendor feedback on awards and take action as needed to make the process more efficient. Vendors may call the Office of Procurement Services at any time for assistance at 954.921.3299.