Officer Yandy Chirino

Officer Yandy ChirinoOn October 17th, 2021 at approximately 10:30 pm Officer Yandy Chirino was on 4000 block of N. Hills Dr. He was in the area reference a police radio call of a suspicious person checking for unlocked cars.

While searching the area he came in contact with a subject who matched the description of the suspect given in the comments of the call. Officer Chirino attempted to detain the suspect and became involved in a physical altercation, with the suspect. During that altercation Officer Chirino was shot and killed.

With no time to spare, Officer Chirino was transported to Memorial Regional Hospital by his squad mates in a black and white police vehicle. The Hospital staff worked on Officer Chirino tirelessly. Unfortunately Officer Chirino succumbed to his wounds on October 18th, 2021.

Officer Chirino was 28-years-old and had been with the Hollywood Police Department since 2017. In the short time he was with the Department, he was recognized multiple times for his outstanding work ethic. He received five commendations and was Officer of the Month for June 2020. Officer Chirino gave his life honorably and without hesitation, protecting those in our community.