Hollywood Beach Cultural and Community Center Redevelopment

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Site Overview

The City is working with the Related Group on a public-private partnership (P3) to build a new ocean-front community center on Hollywood Beach at Azalea Terrace. In addition to the new community center, the proposed project includes an expanded public park, enhanced dunes and open space and additional public parking. This would be funded through the development of a 190-unit condominium building on the property fronting A1A. The approximately 4-acre site currently houses the City’s Hollywood Beach Culture and Community Center, Harry Berry Park and two surface parking lots. Scroll down to learn more. 

Project Timeline

Background and Process Overview

In February of 2020, the City Commission discussed the condition of the current community center and development interest in this site in a public Commission Real Estate Workshop.  The direction was to broadly market any opportunity to redevelop the site to achieve the best possible proposals for the benefit of Hollywood residents. By the end of March, the City received an unsolicited proposal for the redevelopment of the site. The unsolicited proposal was determined to be a qualifying project as required by the state public-private partnerships statute, and the city issued the required Notice of Receipt of an Unsolicited Proposal and a willingness to accept competing proposals. The City’s real estate advisory firm, CBRE, marketed the opportunity nationally and internationally to more than 20,000 development contacts. The proposals were due in September 2020, and by October, the proposals were in technical review. In January 2021, the City Commission received an overview of the top 4 proposals in a public meeting, and in February, the firms submitted their best and final offers based on Commission and community feedback. This resulted in a final ranking, and on March 17, 2021, the City Commission approved the final ranking and authorized negotiations with the Related Group, the top ranked proposer. Weekly meetings between City staff, advisory consultants CBRE, and Related Group have taken place to develop a term sheet for the project. The term sheet was presented to the Commission at the August 25, 2021 Regular City Commission meeting. Negotiations are now underway on a Comprehensive Agreement which will be presented for approval at a future City Commission meeting. Development Plans will go before the Planning and Development Board and City Commission for final approvals. Ongoing community outreach opportunities and negotiations on programming and design for the public amenities continues. Links to presentations, artist rendering, video animation, and video archive of the meeting can be found in the "Additional Resources" section below. 

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Proposed Public Improvements

The Related Group continues to work with the City to gain public feedback on the proposed public improvements and make adjustments to the plan based on feedback from the community. The first Community Input Session was held on Thursday, June 17, 20201 as a way to gain an understanding of what the public would like to see as part of the redevelopment of the site. Many of these improvements to the property, as part of the overall project, have been enhanced based on input from interested residents, including those who live in buildings nearby or adjacent to the site. Several public improvements of the proposed project include a new 2-story oceanfront community center, expanded public park, enhanced dunes and open space, and additional public parking.

Proposed Public Improvements Includes:

  • 25,000 SF Ocean-front community center with public restaurant/coffee shop/snack bar, public library, banquet room, conference/meeting space, fitness center
  • 3,250 SF elevated outdoor, ocean-front desk space
  • 35,000 SF Harry Berry Park including modernized public restroom facilities, outdoor showers and state of the art children's playground
  • 24,500 SF Public Plaza area with outdoor seating and green space facing dunes
  • 25,000 SF Public Dune Preservation and Enhancement
  • 11,000 SF  Sidewalk Extension, excluding paved vehicular drive lanes
  • 13,100 SF Landscaped Sculpture Park along A1A and widened sidewalk with plaza
  • 158 Public Parking Spaces - 90 covered garage spaces, and 68 on-street spaces. Expanded vehicular clearance inside the Public Parking Garage (15 foot minimum) to allow for high clearance vehicles and equipment

Proposed Residential Component Includes:

  • 30 story condominium, including parking and amenities
  • 190 units (reduced from 300)
  • Project designed by Arquitectonica is slender and set back 515 feet from the beach  along A1A to preserve the view corridors of neighboring condominiums
  • Designed for current sea level rise projections 
  • To be Florida Green Building Coalition Certified 

City's Project Team and the Related Group are working on a Comprehensive Agreement and Ground Lease to be approved by the City Commission that will include all business and financial terms and operating conditions, as well as legal protections for the City as the owner of the land. 

Summary of Proposed Terms

Under the currently proposed terms and proposed development, the City is projected to receive:

  • Initial Rent Payment: $5 Million
  • Closing Rent Payment: Minimum guaranty as currently proposed at approx. $30 Million, and projected at approx. $50 Million.  Rent calculation is based on 14% of gross condo sale proceeds
  • Annual Rent Payment: $400,000 per year +CPI (historically 2.3%)
  • Transfer fee from Condo Resales of .25%
  • Property Tax: Approx. $2,386,324
  • Revenue generated from Retail/Restaurant
  • Revenue generated from Public Parking
  • Total projected yearly revenue to the City: Estimated at $3M - $3.5M 

Other key terms include:

  • The City will retain fee simple ownership of the Property
  • Project will be effectuated through a long-term ground lease of the Property from the City, as landlord, to Developer, as tenant for 99 years.
  • Private facilities will be owned by the Developer for the duration of the lease.
  • All of the land and all of the public facilities will be owned by the City.
  • City shall be granted an exclusive easement for the use of the public parking spaces.

PLEASE NOTE: Terms provided on this webpage are part of a proposal. Negotiations are ongoing and the terms are subject to change.

Additional Resources  

Project Team Contacts

Department of Development Services

Office of Communications, Marketing & Economic Development