Design and Construction Management Capital Improvement Projects


The Department of Design and Construction Management is responsible for implementing its Capital Improvement Projects in a timely and efficient manner. Staff assists other Departments and Offices with programming and defining scopes of work for Capital Improvement Projects, as well as providing cost estimates and preparing project budgets,  including renderings and design concepts for proposed improvements. Staff provides management of consultants and construction management and is intimately involved in the permitting and construction administration of projects.

What is a Capital Improvement Project?

A Capital Improvement Project is defined as the major construction, expansion, purchase, or major repair or replacement of buildings, utility systems, streets, or other physical structures or property, which requires the expenditure of $10,000 or more and has an expected life or useful life of at least five years.

Below is a list of the City's Capital Improvement Projects, including project details and status update. Project status updates and other information related to each project will be updated regularly as projects get underway through completion.


Montella Park Restrooms

PR 18-007 Walter Wernecke 5
    Construction of a pre-fabricated restroom building at the playground located at the SE corner of Arthur St and N 69th Way, next to the Marti Huzienga Boys and Girls Club of Broward County. This is a School Board of Broward County property. Building is in place and all connections have been performed. Sod installation has begun and final inspections are expected by next week. CO is pending final inspections and submittals of as-builts to both county and city.
Polk Street Marina Boat Ramp ( Grant)

PR 19-002 Frank J. Leon 1 C.I.P. - $400,000 -Florida Resilient Coastlines Grant from the DEP $921,900 Improvements include raising the ramp elevation about 3’ higher, adding a storm water retaining area, relocating the driveways, reconstructing and raise the ramp lot, as well as a new gated entry, lighting, sidewalks, curbing and landscaping. All forms have been removed from retaining walls. Electrical contractors, Just Electric & Solar, Inc. have installed all PVC conduits for electrical and have been approved by the City Inspector. Project scheduled completion is April 2020.
Fire Station 45

F 14-031 Walter Wernecke 5     New Replacement of Fire Station in NW Hollywood Project essentially completed and occupied on October 28th, 2019. LEED final certification pending inspections.
Colbert Elementary Sidewalks (Grant) EN 16-030 Frank J. Leon 2 C.I.P. - Broward MPO-FDOT Grant SRTS Grant Match up to $975,310 $1,124,508 Construction of approx. 5.07 miles of new concrete sidewalks and swale regrading around Colbert Elementary and McNichol Middle schools. Almost all of the sidewalk and sod installation has been completed. DCM and contractor working on change order for the retaining wall construction on 27th Avenue and the re-alignment at the SW corner of Plunkett St. and 25th Ave.
2nd Floor Library- Development Services   Alex Iglesias 2 General Fund $6,200,000 Interior completion of approximately 34, 000 SF of Shell Space constructed above the County Library at City Hall, to house Development Services including Building, Planning and Zoning, Engineering, Code Enforcement and Community Development. After completion of the improvements and move of staff then remaining staff at the former library building can move into City Hall, former library building demolished and additional parking constructed. Design Contract awarded to Synalovski Romanik Saye on June 19th, 2019, approved by R-2019-170 in the amount of $195,000. Schematic Design with floor plans, material finish patterns have been submitted for team review. Stakeholders are working on final floor layout. Once floor layout has been finalized and signed off from all departments. DCM will re-engage the architect with final layout in order to move on to Construction Documents.
Hollywood Boulevard Landscaping- City Hall to Dixie Hwy PW 13-015 Walter Wernecke/ Heather Guenot 2,3 C.I.P. – Broward MPO Grant $1,200,000 Install landscape, irrigation and miscellaneous street furniture to perform City grant share of complete streets project after FDOT completes project. A meeting was held January 8, 2020 to discuss making some revisions to selected plant species to favor native plants. Landscape Architect advised DCM of possible additional consultant design fees and subsequent re-submittal of project plans to Bldg. Dept. BA is revising plans, to be complete January 23rd, 2020. CMAR also to be advised of changes to design once work is produced. Proposal being secured from CMAR, approved under CMAR Continuing Services Resolution R-2019-025, for completion of project construction. DCM reviewing CMAR proposal and contract, and proposed changes to plans (native tree add alternates, backfill of grates that will need to be excavated before planting).
Avant-Garde Sidewalks (Grant) EN 17-004 Frank J. Leon 2,3 C.I.P.-State of Florida Safe Routes to School Grant $983,393 for FY 2020-22 for construction No contract for construction yet. Construction of approx. 2.5 miles of new concrete sidewalks and swale regrading near the Avant-Garde Academy, Broward. North Central sidewalks, completion of one side of the street from 22nd Ave to 24th Ave, from Grant St to Wilson St. Application for the Grant was approved by FDOT on June 7th, 2017 for FY 2020 and 2022.
David Park Tennis Center Re-roof - 108 N 33rd Ct DCM-19-001208 / PW 18-012 Walter Wernecke 3     Re-roofing of the Tennis Center pro shop. Consultant to price the replacement of roof deck, structure and membrane of the existing structure. Meeting to be scheduled with engineers and GC to discuss price and options.
Design District Signs CM 16-020 Walter Wernecke 4     Two new lighted monument signs for newly created Design District. Two signs to be installed in the median of N. 29th Avenue, between Sheridan Street and Stirling Road. FPL to install new pole and transformer for power at south sign at Sheridan St. Permitting in process, expecting installation and connections by mid-February. Following FPL work, DCM to engage electrical sub for new underground installation to serve sign.
Hollywood Boulevard/SR7 Mobility HUB ( Grant)   Walter Wernecke / Alex Iglesias 6 $900,000 Broward MPO Sub recipient Agreement, $50,000 City Funds $950,000 Local Agency agreement with Broward MPO to construct Mobility Hub Improvements Meeting with Design Consultant Kimley-Horn to discuss project scope and expecting proposal within the next two weeks.
Stan Goldman Park   Zindy Agredo 3     Phase II on-going park enhancements. Community meetings held to determine desired improvements for phase II. Pickle-ball courts, restroom renovations, skate park renovations, security lighting, asphalt trail repaving, drainage, and security stations, received approval of the community. A location for the Rescue Shelter is being set aside within this project. Proposal for Design Services being negotiated with Bermello Ajamil, consultant approved under Continuing Services Contract R-2019-400.
SR7 Linear Park   Walter Wernecke 4,6 $300,000 Park Impact Fees $300,000 Construction of Playground at the FDOT property at the SE corner of Johnson St and SR7. Installation of pedestrian scale lighting along linear park and pedestrian access across drainage retention area at Taylor St and Pierce St. Playground contract award and construction pending transfer of property from FDOT to City, requires completion and close out of roadway widening project. Pedestrian lighting and drainage retention crossing being coordinated with Broward MPO Hollywood Blvd/SR7 Mobility Hub project. The Mobility Hub Project will fund one of the pedestrian crossings. Meeting with Design Consultant Kimley-Horn to discuss project scope and expecting proposal within the next two weeks.
Bike Lane Tree Plantings- 56th Ave, 14th Ave, Park Road, 72nd Ave and Washington St bike lanes   Luis Lopez 1,3,4,5,6 $140,000 General Capital approved FY2020 $580,000 total estimated cost of tree plantings, with a total of 1210 new shade trees as mitigation for the trees removed in the three projects Bike Lane Projects supported and requested by the City and funded by Broward County MPO. The bike lane projects are being constructed by FDOT. The City is responsible for any tree removal mitigation. Selection of landscape architect for Mitigation Master Plan. Progress meeting with FDOT on January 16th, 2020.
Johnson St Broward MPO CSLP ( Complete Streets and other Localized Initiatives) match 14th Ave to 35th Ave   Luis Lopez 2,3 $282,601 City Funding, $1,469,007 MPO/ FDOT funding $1,751,608 Broward MPO 2019 CSLIP Cycle 3 Award for 2025 Funding and construction. Local Agency Project (FDOT grant) project to be constructed by the City, together with the installation of water and sewer lines. Grant includes pedestrian scale lighting, 35th Ave to 14th Ave, Sharrow Bike Lanes, Pedestrian Railroad crossing at the South Side of SFRTA railway west of I-95. Installation of sidewalks missing in the south side, missing segment west of 28th Ave in the north side, roadway resurfacing from 31st to Dixie Hwy, drainage improvements, ADA improvements ramps by the City. Grant Award received November 6th, 2019. DCM staff in the process of selecting consultant for this project. The railroad crossing will have to be completed by interlocal agreement with South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (Tri-Rail).
Surf Road at Balboa St Erosion

  Juan Figueroa 1 Gas Tax Fund $157,140 Reconstruction of Surf Road and shoreline protection treatment to protect this section of roadway, washed out during October 2019 kind tide events. On December 4th, 2019, the Hollywood City Commission approved Resolution R-2019-354 approving and authorizing the appropriate City officials to execute an Authorization To Proceed with Atkins North America, Inc. to provide professional engineering services for street restoration and reconstruction of Surf Road at Balboa Street in an amount not to exceed $157,140.00; approving an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2020 Capital Improvement Program. Geotechnical report and Survey to be delivered by Jan 31st, 2020. Environmental assessment to begin Jan 21st, 2020 and to be completed by February. Conceptual structural and non-structural plans will begin during the first week of February, in conjunction with presentations to the permitting agencies having jurisdiction.
US 1 CSLIP, Sheridan St to Pembroke Road   Juan Figueroa 1,2   Total project cost $11,983,882, funded partially by Broward County MPO and FDOT in the amount of $7,500,000. The remaining $4,483,882 by the City and the CRA Broward MPO CSLIP projects to be constructed in early 2022 by FDOT. Scope includes milling and resurfacing, reducing inside lane to 10’feet to create a 4’ bike lane, adding pedestrian scale lighting, LED lighting upgrade to existing street lighting, stamped asphalt crosswalks at signalized intersections, replacement of concrete sidewalk with pavers from Fillmore to Monroe St, and the project excludes Young Circle. Landscaping to follow by the City. Kick off meeting with FDOT, Broward MPO, City and CRA, and FDOT Design Consultant held on November 21st, 2019. Project design by FDOT proceeding as per meeting coordination. Construction anticipated for winter 2021.
Rock House Vollman Park

  Zindy Agredo 3 Park Impact Fees   Demolition of existing rock house structure and construction of new approximately 400 SF meeting room, with restrooms, accommodating the reuse of the coral rock for decorative purposes, a new playground and exercise equipment. Design consultant, Cartaya and Assoc. along with DCM, Parks and Recreation, and the Planning have met on-site to discuss viable design options and scope, in order for the consultant to supply a proposal.
Lifeguard/First Aid Beach Station outside the CRA limits

  Juan Figueroa 1 C.I.P. $823,880 Replacement of the first aid stations and lifeguard towers outside of the Beach CRA district. Including two first aid stations, six lifeguard towers, being replaced : • N1 –DeSoto Street – Lifeguard tower • N2 – Perry Street – Lifeguard tower • N3 – Meade Street – FIRST AID STATION • N4 – McClelland Street – Lifeguard tower • N5 – Douglas Street – Lifeguard tower • N6 – Simms Street – FIRST AID STATION • N7 – Sheridan Street – Lifeguard tower • S10 – 3801 S. Ocean Drive – Lifeguard tower Design consultants CPZ Architects are producing the lifeguard tower specifications. With the specifications the roofer and painter will be scheduled to commence work. The Electrical contractor is to submit a proposal for their portion of their work.
Hollywood Blvd. Rehabilitation I-95 to City Hall   Heather Guenot 2,3 Gas Tax Fund for Capital Projects $85,000 Streetscape Rehabilitation of Hollywood Blvd. from I-95 to the East side of City Hall Circle.  Pavement rehabilitation, bike lane widening, replacement of paver crosswalks, sidewalk repair and ADA upgrades, lighting improvements, and landscaping improvements (shrubs and groundcover only). Project in negotiations for Design Consultant; required revisions provided to Chen Moore PM on January 8th, 2020. Met with the Consultant on January 22nd, 2020. Revised Proposal expected January 30th, 2020.