Autism Outreach Program

Thank you for visiting our Autism Outreach page. Please take a moment to fill out the application to become a part of our voluntary program.

The Hollywood Police Department is committed to the safety of all personnel and the community which it serves.  In keeping with this commitment, we have instituted an Autism Awareness program. Our program allows a caregiver of an individual on the autism spectrum, who resides in the City of Hollywood, to now go on the Hollywood Police Department’s website and submit the individual’s information. That voluntary information is confidential and will be routed to a sergeant. This program allows officers in the field to be aware of an autistic individual at the location and tailor their approach as needed. In addition, each individual that is registered will receive a sticker that they will be able to display on their vehicle or residence. An autism awareness band and ID card will also be available. The information provided and the displayed items will increase an officer’s ability to identify individuals and address their needs in a moment of crisis.

Patch Logo for Autism Outreach Program