Supplier Registration

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The City requires suppliers to be registered with BidSync and there is no cost to obtain the City of Hollywood notifications. By submitting your W-9, this will assist with the receiving purchase orders as well as payments. In most cases Suppliers must be registered on SunBiz with the State of Florida. 

There is NO CHARGE TO SUPPLIERS to use the BidSync Electronic Bidding System but vendors will need to register. To register, choose the "Please Register with BidSync" option found on the Office of Procurement Services webpage. Suppliers can also register through by choosing the "Free Registration" option.

Suppliers will be required to Register in the Oracle Portal to view Purchase Orders, Invoices, and more!!

If you need additional assistance regarding the BidSync registration and training process as a City of Hollywood Supplier, please contact the BidSync support team at 1.800.990.9339. Should you have any questions or require additional information on a competitive solicitation, please contact the Procurement Services Division at 954.921.3299.

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