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Document Requests and Permit Processing:

Utilities atlas and as-builts requests: email Alicia Verea-Feria at

Sunshine 811 Design Ticket utilities requests: email Michael Zaske at

FDEP Water and Wastewater Permit Applications:  To obtain the signature of the Director of Public Utilities for the submittal of FDEP Water and Wastewater Permit applications, please email Alicia Verea-Feria at for processing and Director signature.

Public Notices:

Deep well drilling at the Southern Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant (SRWWTP) may cause increased traffic, dust, and noise in adjacent areas as of January 2020.  

The SRWWTP is located on Taft Street just east of 14th Avenue (behind the Eco Grande Golf Course).  Traffic delays and other disruptions are possible during this project and primarily anticipated to be due to increased truck traffic on Taft Street east of US 1. This work is required under the waste water treatment plant’s DEP permit.  Completion of this project will allow additional treated domestic waste water to be disposed of via deep injection well instead of through the ocean outfall.  Although the work is being performed by a specialized contractor, utilities staff will ensure all possible measures are taken to minimize any disruptions. 

Additional Public Notices