Neighborhood Pride Program

Commission Signing Housing Pride Program Agreement

Affordable Housing, Infrastructure and Work Skills Programs 

An Interlocal Agreement (ILA) among Broward County, the City of Hollywood and the City of Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency will provide a significant amount of new funding to support the City's Neighborhood Pride Program, which includes advancing affordable housing, infrastructure and work skills initiatives in the City’s low- to moderate-income neighborhoods over the next several years. To view a copy of the ILA 
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These initiatives have been dubbed ‘Neighborhood Pride Program’. Financial assistance to support rehabilitation of owner-occupied homes is currently available. 

Review the ‘Anticipated Questions’ section below for additional information about the new programs. If you don’t see an answer to your specific question, you can email the Community Development Division at or call 954.921.3271. 

  • Watch the City Commission meeting, 02.20.19 
  • View the PowerPoint presentation, 02.20.19 
  • View the PowerPoint presentation, 03.20.19
  • View the PowerPoint presentation, 05.15.19

Answers to Anticipated Questions

Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation
  • What is an LMI household? A household with an annual income at or below 120% of the Area Median Income, adjusted for family size. Income Chart
  • What type of properties are eligible? Detached, single-family homes; townhomes; and condominiums.
  • What type of improvements are eligible? Eligible improvements are limited to the exterior: 
    • Roof
    • Exterior Paint
    • Impact-Resistant Windows or Shutter System
    • Doors (including Garage Door) 
    • Fence
    • Driveway 
    • Public Sidewalk and Private Walkways
    • Irrigation System
    • Landscaping (sod, tree trimming, tree removal, tree installation)
    • Security Lighting.
  • Can I select my own contractor? No. Contractors will be selected as a result of a competitive bidding process conducted by the City.
  • Is the financial assistance a loan or a grant?  Assistance is provided in the form of a Conditional Grant. 
  • What are the terms of the Conditional Grant? The Conditional Grant requires the beneficiary to live in the home and maintain it as an affordable unit for a period of not less than 10 years (the Affordability Period). The amount of the City Lien due at the end of the Affordability Period will reflect an annual reduction of 1/10th of the City’s total investment. In other words, the debt is forgiven, if you live in the house for 10 years continuously.
  • Do I have to make payments on the Conditional Grant?  No, the Conditional Grant is zero percent interest, and the payments are deferred during the time you live in the home. 
  • How do I know if my property is eligible? You must live in a designated Low- to Moderate-Income Area.  Visit the Neighborhood Pride Program Map and type in your property address.
  • Is there a limit on the amount of financial assistance I can receive? Yes, the maximum amount is $40,000.00.
  • What if I sell my home or no longer occupy it as my primary residence prior to the end of the Affordability Period? The City Lien shall be immediately due and payable, with the amount due reflecting an annual reduction of 1/10th of the City’s total investment beginning on the date the Conditional Grant was issued and ending on the date the status of the property changed.
  • What if I transfer the property to a relative prior to the end of the Affordability Period?  If the person receiving the property other than through sale, such as inheritance, qualifies income-wise, they may apply to assume the City Lien.
  • How do I apply for the program? Staff is processing an existing list of residents seeking housing rehabilitation assistance. This page will be updated when new applications are being accepted. 

To view an interactive map of the eligible areas click on the map below.
Affordable Housing Program Areas 2019

For more information about these program, contact the Community Development Division at 954.921.3271.