Green Resolutions

Green your life with these five resolutions!

1. Reduce your carbon footprint by becoming a part-time vegetarian.

The City of Hollywood adopted Broward County’s goal of an 80% carbon emission reduction by 2050.  

Did you know that about a quarter of a City’s upstream greenhouse gas emissions are related to food? One way to reduce the impact of your diet is to reduce your meat consumption. The good news for meat lovers is that even eliminating meat from one meal or one day a week can have an impact. Buying local and reducing food waste are also great steps to reducing the climate impact of your meals.

2. Improve recycling by trashing the bag.

The City of Hollywood aims to reduce its recycling contamination rates from 24% to 10% by 2025, with the ultimate goal of no contamination. 

Did you know that single use plastic bags are the number one source of recycling contamination? Although recyclable, these bags CAN NOT be put in your bin with your comingled recycling. Take the bags to the bins at your store or, better yet, eliminate their use all together by switching to cloth bags.

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3. Reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect by planting a tree.

The City of Hollywood is aiming to meet the County's goal of 40% tree canopy cover. Tree canopy is also an excellent way to decrease the Urban Heat Island Effect which is warming cities faster than other areas resulting in high cooling costs and heat related health impacts.

Trees have incredible benefits including reducing temperatures in urban areas. Lower temperatures reduce health risks related to heat, improves storm water quality, and lowers energy bills. Learn more about the benefits of trees and how to maintain a hurricane resilient canopy by visiting the sustainability page of the website.

4. Help maintain Hollywood’s Community Wildlife Habitat Certification by certifying your yard.

Gardening for wildlife not only provides habitat for native and migratory birds and butterflies and creates connections between natural areas, it also is beautiful, low maintenance, and low cost! Learn more about the benefits and how to certify at NatureScape Broward

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5. Reduce marine debris by reaching your last straw!

Americans use 500 million straws a day. Straws are common components of beach trash, can harm ocean life such as sea turtles, and are not recyclable. They are also typically unnecessary. Next time you order a drink remember to say “no straw, please”! Ask your favorite restaurant to institute a straws only upon request policy or to do away with them outright. And don’t worry if you like to use a straw, there are plenty of reusable or biodegradable options! Learn other ways to reduce waste on the Waste Reduction page of the website.

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When you choose any of these five actions, make sure to post online with the tag #seenbeinggreen!