Charter Review Committee

CLICK HERE TO APPLY TO SERVE ON THE NEXT CHARTER REVIEW COMMITTEE. Applications must be received by Thursday, February 2, 2023. 

A city charter is a document that defines rights, privileges and powers. The charter allows for a municipal government, allows it to perform municipal functions and render municipal services over all lands, bodies of water and air without the limits of ownership, lease or operation by the city.

The legislative powers of the City of Hollywood are vested and exercised by the City Commission, but it was not always that way. The Charter of the City of Hollywood was adopted February 3, 1984, approved at an election held March 13, 1984, and went into effect on October 1, 1984. Prior to that, modifications to those rights, privileges and powers needed to be adopted by special acts of the Florida Legislature. Since 1984, the City Charter has been amended may times, but the basic structure remains. 
 The Charter Review Committee was created for the purpose of conducting a comprehensive study of the City Charter, and any or all phases of city government. By a vote of two thirds (2/3) of its current membership, the charter review committee may submit proposals to amend or revise the Charter to the city commission. The charter review committee must submit to the city commission any proposed Charter amendments or revisions with associated ballot language no later than the first Tuesday in June of the year in which the term of the charter review committee expires. The city commission shall place the charter review committee's proposals with the associated ballot language on the ballot at the next presidential or gubernatorial election, whichever occurs first. 
 The Commission appoints a Charter Review Committee by resolution every 6 years (as of March 2017) with a reasonable effort made to appoint at least 1 member from each city district. The Committee consists of no less than 9 and no more the 11 members. The term of each member expires the day after the presidential or gubernatorial election, whichever appears first, held after the first Monday in November one (1) year after the year in which said members were appointed. The City Commission may, by resolution, extend the term, but only to enable the committee to complete its work for the then current six (6)-year cycle.