Water Conservation & Education

Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility. As a way to encourage conservation, the City administers several community outreach programs both in area schools and in the community.

Conserve Water
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Storm Drain Stenciling Program

The Storm Drain Stenciling Program helps to educate residents about stormwater pollution. Plastic markers are placed on storm drains in high traffic areas and roadways as a reminder to NOT dump pollutants into surface and ground water systems. This program primarily focuses on High School students and teachers, who work with City staff to stencil anti-dumping messages on or adjacent to storm water drains. Stenciled messages have included: “Dump No Waste Drains to Ocean” and “Dump No Waste Protect Our Water.”

Clean Water Cadet Program

The Clean Water Cadet Program is focused on third and fourth grade students to teach them about water and wastewater treatment processes, water conservation, and storm water pollution prevention. Public Utilities staff visit participating elementary schools in Hollywood to discuss being good water stewards. Students are given the opportunity in class to create and perform public service announcements on the importance of water protection and water conservation. They are also provided a Clean Water Cadet coloring book and "Do Not Dump" stickers. The kids are encouraged to talk to their family about what they have learned and place the stickers on chemicals or other household items that should be kept out of drains.

Drop Savers' Poster Contest

The annual Drop Savers' Poster Contest is in partnership with local school teachers, to help students from designated age groups design creative and informative posters that promote water conservation. The winning artists are congratulated by the Mayor and City Commission and awarded prizes during a Commission Meeting. The winning posters are displayed in City Hall during American Water Works Association's Drinking Water Week each May. The posters are also shown on the City's Government Access Cable Television Channel Hollywood Community Television Comcast Channel 78, ATT U-Verse Channel 99 and featured on the City's social media channels. Winners go on to compete in the statewide Drop Savers' Competition.