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Applicant Team Registration

  1. Please use this form to enter the names of all team members expected to be in attendance at the public meeting. For virtual meetings team members shall sign in via WebEx and have access to a mic and camera. The camera is required to be on during the meeting.

    Entrance to City Hall shall only be permitted upon successfully completing this form and upon successful completion of temperature scan at the security desk. Anyone exhibiting symptoms or in contact with someone who has tested positive will not be permitted to enter. Without exception, all persons entering City Hall, and at all times remaining inside, will be required to wear and maintain appropriate facial coverings over the nose and mouth.

    Capacity limits and social distancing requirements apply. To ensure compliance with social distancing requirements, seating in Room 219 shall be limited to 15 persons. Team members may be requested to watch the meeting in Room 215 until such time as the item(s) is heard by the Board. Once the item(s) is before the Board, team members will be asked to come into Room 219. Once complete, team members may be asked to return to Room 215 for the remainder of the meeting if representing multiple items. Should social distancing capacity be filled in Rooms 215 and 219, team members may be asked to wait outside.
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