How do I report a vacation rental having a loud party and/or loud noise?

Report Issues with Short-Term/Vacation Rental Properties

Struggling with a problem vacation rental that is licensed to operate in your neighborhood? We are here to help with two new tools to combat problem short-term and vacation rental properties. Whether it is a loud party, concerns with parking or trash, you can report it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a live operator via a dedicated customer service telephone phone number, or via a real-time website. To report an issue simply: 

The new 24/7 hotline and website will allow for: 

  • Improved response time with real-time outreach to registered property owners/managers
  • Easy tracking of properties and issues both in real-time and over time for staff. (Tracking for residents is not currently available through this service, however any violations issued can be viewed online
  • Full documentation of photo, audio and video evidence of noncompliance for evidence-based citations and easily identify problem properties
  • Efficient and convenient reporting tools available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Reporting Licensed Properties

When reporting the issue by phone, be sure to request the operator contact the property owner/manager directly. When submitting an online request, the property owner/manager will automatically be contacted. Once a report has been received, the clock starts ticking for the issue to be addressed. Property owners, property managers and/or the emergency contacts who are registered with the City will be immediately notified and given 30 minutes to resolve most issues. For more complex issues, staff will work with property owners/managers toward resolution. If there is no response from the property owner/manager, the problem persists, or the property is unlicensed, the issue will then be escalated accordingly.

Reporting Unlicensed Properties

While there are just under 700 short term/vacation rental properties currently licensed to operate in the City of Hollywood, we understand there are many thousands more operating without a license. You are encouraged to report these locations. Even though the City does not have contact information to quickly reach these property owners/managers for immediate resolution, reports will help to strengthen the database and arm staff with evidence to resolve problem locations over time. Issues with unlicensed properties, trash collection, advertising, etc. may not be resolved within a 30-minute window, however the more these types of issues are reported, the better the response to resolution time will be.  

Granicus Host Complaint System Service Enhancements: 

  • Dedicated Hotline: Allows residents to report issues 24/7 and notify property contact 
  • Address Identification: Staff can actively monitor short-term rental platforms, property/activity documentation and compliance status
  • COMING SOON - Compliance Monitoring: Staff can automatically mail notifications/enforcement letters
  • COMING SOON - Rental Activity Monitoring: Provides Staff with detailed data to validate length of stay

The City of Hollywood is pleased to offer this new service that will help ensure property owners/managers are operating their properties in compliance with all rules and regulations. Over time, this service will help to improve the quality of life for residents and reduce strain on city resources. Take an active role in your community and take back control of your neighborhood. For more information on rules for short-term rental properties in the City of Hollywood and the City’s noise ordinance, please visit the City's Vacation Rental License webpage.

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