When do I need a tree permit?
Whenever you are planning to remove/relocate a tree.

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2. A traffic light is not working properly.
3. A street or school zone sign is damaged, down or missing.
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5. My sidewalk needs to be repaired.
6. There is a pothole in the road or alley.
7. Does the City maintain trees in the swale?
8. I would like a tree removed from my property or swale.
9. What is the cost of a tree permit?
10. There is a branch in the road, broken branch hanging from a tree, tree is down or is in danger of falling down
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17. Who do I contact to report a broken sprinkler in the park or median?
18. How long is the tree permit valid?
19. Is it a violation to remove a tree without a permit?
20. When do I need a tree permit?