South Park Road Site Redevelopment

The City of Hollywood owns just over 30 acres of land at 1600 South Park Road. The site currently houses the City of Hollywood's Department of Public Works Administrative building, Facility and Street Maintenance, Environmental Services and includes vehicle and fleet storage, maintenance and fueling.

The City is exploring redevelopment opportunities for a large portion of the site that is not needed for Public Works operations. A section of the site was historically used for disposal of general trash and for ash from a municipal incinerator. Due to the former use of the site, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the City of Hollywood designated the project site to be a Brownfield.

A feasibility study of the property was completed on March 28, 2016 to examine the extent of contamination on the site and outline the feasibility of offering the site for redevelopment.

Feasibility Study Executive Summary and Introduction
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