Vision Hollywood 2020 and Neighborhood Master Plans

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Identifying Neighborhood Priorities

Vibrant neighborhoods are essential to the overall sustainability of the City of Hollywood. The process of creating and updating Neighborhood Master Plans (NMP) can provide a neighborhood with clear vision of community needs and priorities. Identification of neighborhood priorities by community stakeholders is critical to creating a sustainable and prosperous city as these priorities become the building blocks for the Neighborhood Master Plan.

Residents and other community stakeholders can help identify these priorities by taking the following survey:


Plans such as the Neighborhood Master Plan (NMP) serve to guide city leaders in redevelopment, budgeting, strategic planning, and capital improvement. As shown in the adjacent graphic, these plans are interrelated and work together to form the foundation of the City’s progress. The development of Neighborhood Master Plans must synchronize with these other plans.

The result of the Neighborhood Master Planning process is the development of broad goals, measurable objectives and specific actions that address the neighborhood’s core issues contained in a plan adopted by the City Commission and monitored regularly by the neighborhood and City staff.

Get involved by taking the survey listed above and watch for more information on your neighborhood’s master plan. For more information, contact Lorie Mertens-Black, Chief Civic Affairs Officer, at 954.921.3201 or

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