Cone of Silence

The City of Hollywood Code of Ordinances Section §30.15(F) imposes a Cone of Silence for certain City purchases of goods and services. 

The Cone of Silence prohibits direct communication between vendors and vendor’s representatives and City elected officials, management and staff during the period in which the Cone of Silence is imposed. 

The Cone of Silence shall be imposed when the City determines sufficient information is available to evaluate the request for a purchase under exemption §38.40(C)(5) of the Code of Ordinance or determines sufficient information is available to draft a formal competitive solicitation. 

The Ordinance does allow potential vendors or vendor’s representatives to communicate with those employees identified in Section §30.15(F) of the Code of Ordinance or those designated employees for the limited purpose of seeking clarification or additional information. The names and contact information of those employees that may be contacted for clarification or additional information are included in the notice of the Cone of Silence or in a formal solicitation. 

The Cone of Silence shall remain in effect until an award is made, a contract is approved, or the City takes any other action which ends the procurement process. When a Cone of Silence is terminated, public notice of the termination shall be posted. 

Cone of Silence Ordinance (pdf)

Open - Procurement Services  
RFP-4593-18-PB Emergency Debris Removal from Limited Spaces & Gated Communities
RFP-4592-18-PB Emergency Response & Recovery Services
RFP-4587-18-RL Holiday Decorations.
F-4591-18-PB Comprehensive Police Department Chiller Maintenance & Repair
F-4589-18-RL Bus Services - SEA Camp Program
F-4578-18-JE Fountain Maintenance
RFP-4581-18-JE State and Local Lobbying Services
F-4585-18-PB Redevelopment Opportunity
F-4577-18-JE Fire Department Class "A" Uniforms
F-4576-18-PB Tree Supply, Relocation and Installation Services
F-4574-18-PB Supply & Delivery of Natural Gas.
F-4570-18-MW Tree Supply, Relocation and Installation Services.
F-4567-18-JE CCTV Cameras & Installation for Police Headquarters.
RFP-4559-17-JE Barrier Island Parking Study.
F-4539-17-LS Police Janitorial Services, Emergency/Non-Emergency Bio-Hazard & Decontamination Services.
F-4551-17-PB Uniform Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Services.
RFP-4549-17-PB Attorney for Board of Trustees for the City of Hollywood Employees.
RFP-4548-17-PB Pension Administration Services.
RFP-4542-17-PB Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
RFP-4534-16-PB Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP System)
RFP-4516-16-JE School Crossing Guard Services
RFP-4499-16-RD Legal Counsel to Represent the City against the Pension Board of Trustees
Open - Development Services, Architecture & Urban Design Division    
Project City Hall HVAC Chiller Replacement  
DCRA 16-040 Polk St. From N.19 Ave. To Federal Hwy. Tree Grate Repairs  
CRA 16-044 Request For Qualifications To Provide Professional Engineering Services To The Community Redevelopment Agency For Beach Improvements  
BCRA 16-002 Request For Qualifications to Provide Architectural/Engineering Services To The Community Redevelopment Agency For Lifeguard Towers  
 Project  Beach Maintenance Facility - Improvements  
CRA 16-038 Request for Qualifications to Provide Construction Management at Risk Services to the Community Redevelopment Agency for Hollywood Downtown and Beach Improvements  
Project Fire Station No.45 Building Replacement  
Project Beach Maintenance Facility - Improvements  
EN-10-005 FY 2010 Sidewalk Construction  
EN-10-002 Construction of speed tables and speed humps at various locations within the City of Hollywood  
EN-10-001 Street Resurfacing  
Open - Public Works  
Project Landscape Improvements in Center Medians Project
PW-16-004 Downtown Lighting - Buchanan Street and Pierce Street
PW-15-029 City Hall - Southwest Quadrant Paving & Drainage Improvements
PW-16-011 FY 2016 Sidewalk Construction
PW-14-023 2015 Alley reconstruction Program
Open - Public Utilities, Engineering & Construction Services Division  
18-8064 Lift Station W-27 Valve Replacement & Rehabilitation
15-1315 Rate Consulting Large User True-Up And Financial And Technical Services
Open - Community Redevelopment Agency  
Notice to Sale 2031 Harrison Street - Request for Proposals and Notice to Sell
Terminated - Procurement Services Division  
RFP-4582-18-RL City Wide Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan
RFP-4573-18-RL Visual Arts Instructor / Artist REBID
RFP-4562-17-JE CCTV/ALPR Maintenance Service
F-4568-18-RL Removal and Disposal of Debris from the Lift Station Wet Wells and the Waste Water Treatment Plant
F-4552-17-RL Public Generator Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services.
F-4566-18-RL On-Site Cryogenic Oxygen Facility Services
F-4564-18-JE Lease of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
F-4565-18-RL Golf Course Driving Net Replacement.
RFP-4547-17-RL Beach Concessions.
RFP-4558-17-RL Visual Arts Instructors/Artist.
RFP-4557-17-RL Tutoring Services.
F-4560-17-JE Purchase & Delivery of Firearms and Accessories.
RFQ-4521-17-RL Demolition Contractor Pre-Qualification List.
RFP-4541-17-RL Sale of City-Owned Property.
F-4550-17-RL Purchase & Delivery of Tetrasodium EDTA.
F-4540-17-RL WellHead Modifications
F-4543-17-RL Supply and Delivery of GE Osmonics Zyplex, RO Save, 5 Micron, 40 DOE Cartridge F.
RFP-4531-16-RL Food Truck Event Organizer at the ArtsPark
F-4522-16-RD Third Party Claims Administration (TPA) Services for Workers' Compensation and Liability Claims.
F-4507-16-RD Fire Extinguisher and Systems Services
RFP-4505-16-RD Financial Auditing Services
RFQ-4524-16-RL General Contractors for Housing Programs
F-4535-17-PB Jefferson Street Dune Renovation
F-4533-16-RL Screenings and Shop Waste Disposal
F-4527-16-RL CRA Pressure Cleaning Services
RFP-4523-16-RL Redevelopment of University Station
RFP-4512-16-RL Welding Repair and Fabrication Services
RFP-4442-15-IS Golf Course Management
RFP-4500-16-RD Identity Theft Protection Services
F-4518-16-RL Supply of Dry Polymer
F-4526-16-JE On-Site Equipment Maintenance
Terminated - Public Works Engineering & Architectural Services Division  
BCRA 14-003 Beach Maintenance Facility-Improvements
Terminated - Public Utilities, Engineering & Construction Services Division  
Bid No.17-7086                     Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) Program-Manhole Repairs and Replacement