Water Use Notifications

The City of Hollywood has a Water Use Notification program that emails customers who have registered to receive notifications. These email notifications are triggered when your water consumption over 4 days is unusually high when compared to your average usage.

The purpose of this notification is to assist in ensuring the increase is based on actual water consumption and not due to a possible water leak. Customers are encouraged to review their monthly utility bill to monitor their water usage.

Do We Have Your Email Address?

Please make sure your email address is up-to-date in our Utility Customer Service System.

Higher than usual consumption may be caused by filling your swimming pool, having family or guests staying with you, watering for new landscaping, etc. If you received a high use notification, it could be an indication of a water leak, but it may be that you've just used more water recently. This notification should not be the only tool a customer relies on to detect a potential water leak. Customers should also monitor their monthly utility bills and be aware of the amount of water they are consuming. In addition, customers may register online to view their daily consumption.

What should I do if I receive a high use notification?

Start by asking yourself the following questions about your water use:

• Did I use more water keeping the grass green?
• Did I recently refill my pool?
• Did I go on vacation and leave someone else in charge of watering my lawn?
• Did I do extra loads of laundry before or after a vacation?
• Did I have friends or relatives staying with me?
• Was the water hose left on?
• Do I have a toilet that continuously runs?
• Do I have any broken sprinkler heads?
• Do I have any dripping faucets?

If you've answered "no" to all these questions and can't think of any other reason for higher than normal water use, it's time to check for leaks.

How can I tell if I have a leak?

You will need to check the outside water meter to ensure the dials are not moving when you are not using any water in your house or apartment. If you are not using any water and the dials continue to move, this may be an indication you have a leak and you may want to contact a plumber to inspect for leaks. 

Most leaks are easy to find, but some can go undetected, and your water meter is the best place to begin your search.

1. Turn off all faucets and water-consuming appliances, including washers and ice makers.
2. Check the needle’s position on the dial and note the time.
3. Check the needle’s position again after 30 minutes or so. If the needle’s position has changed, you may have a leak.

If there is a leak anywhere within your plumbing system, the person named on the utility bill is responsible for paying for the water used. We encourage you to fix your leaks promptly to save water and money!

The customer service office for the Department of Public Utilities can help you locate and read your meter. For more help in reading your meter, call 954.921.3938.