Grant Opportunities

Notice of Funding Availability for Public Services

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

On January 10, 2024, applications for City of Hollywood CDBG funding for Public Services will be available online at under the category of Grant Opportunities. All completed applications and related back-up information must be received by the Community Development Division no later than 3:00 p.m. on February 7, 2024.

The total amount of CDBG funds expended for public services activities must not exceed 15 percent of the city’s yearly allocation of funds. Based on the previous year's allocation, the estimated available funding is $175,000.00 total to be awarded for public services. This application is available for public services. Agencies that provide housing, economic development, homeless or other services may be re-categorized at the city's discretion and not be included as part of the public services cycle. The City reserves the right to recategorize eligible for any reason. 

CDBG-funded public service activities are typically categorized under the low-to-moderate income (LMI) Benefit National Objective as either Area Benefit or Limited Clientele activities. 

The distinguishing factor between the two categories is whether the service will be offered to all residents of a particular LMI income area or to a particular group of LMI residents in the entire community. 

The Limited Clientele category is the most used for city-wide services.

Area Benefit criteria- the public service must be offered to all residents of an area where at least 51 percent of the residents are LMI. The area must be clearly delineated by the State and must be primarily residential. 

To document qualification of public service activities under this objective: 

  • Maintain records of the boundaries of the service area; 
  • Document that the area is primarily residential (e.g., zoning map); and 
  • Document the income characteristics of households in the service area (i.e., Census data/American Community Survey data). 

Limited Clientele activities- benefit a specific targeted group of persons of which at least 51 percent must be LMI. In order to meet the LMI Limited Clientele criteria, the activity must: 

  • Serve at least 51 percent LMI, as evidenced by documentation and data concerning beneficiary family size and income; 
  • Have income-eligibility requirements which limit the service to persons meeting the LMI income requirement, as evidenced by the administering agency’s procedures, intake/application forms, income limits, and other sources of documentation;  
  • Serve a group primarily presumed to be LMI such as abused children, battered spouses, elderly persons, severely disabled adults, homeless persons, illiterate adults, persons living with AIDS and migrant farm workers; or 
  • Be of such a nature and in a location that it may be concluded that the activity’s clientele are LMI.

These grants fund programs and services in the following areas: 

  • Education: assistance to low-to-moderate income (LMI) children in order to improve academic performance.
  • Workforce Development: assistance to low-to-moderate income (LMI) persons for job training and job placement with special emphasis on healthcare and related industries, retail trade, manufacturing and tourism related industries.
  • Other: Public Services that benefit low and moderate income (LMI) residents of Hollywood.

CDBG funds may be used to pay for labor, supplies, and material as well as to operate and/or maintain the portion of a facility in which the public service is located. This includes the lease of a facility, equipment, and other property needed for the public service. Agencies that are awarded funding must have the capacity, knowledge, and requisite skills to provide the proposed services and submit proper invoicing and supporting documentation to the city on a quarterly basis. Agencies will be monitored periodically for compliance. 

CDBG Disbursement Information (Required documentation for reimbursement)

Insurance Requirements (The agency must provide the required insurance with the City of Hollywood listed as additional insured, if awarded funds)

Worker's Comp Exemption Letter (Agencies with 4 or less employees) 

Process by which Funding Recommendations are made to the City Commission 

The application process and funding awards are recommended by the Community Development Advisory Board (CDAB) and approved by the City Commission. The CDAB is an advisory board, made up of up to eleven (11) Hollywood residents, appointed by the City Commission. 

Each year the CDAB holds a publicly advertised Citizen Needs Assessment prior to the grant cycle. The Board then identifies the public service focus areas for the Community Development Block Grant based on citizen needs, data and other resources. 

The CDAB reviews the grant applications, listens to applicant presentations for CDBG Funds and collectively makes funding recommendations to the City Commission. 

CDBG applications are due by February 7, 2024 at 3:00 PM via the Neighborly portal. The portal will be closed at 3PM. Incomplete submissions may not be evaluated.

Agencies that provide housing services (e.g. SFH acquisition/ rehab./resell, emergency housing repairs, housing rehabilitation, homebuyer purchase assistance, eviction prevention/rental assistance, foreclosure prevention, tenant based rental assistance with housing navigation, homebuyer education, fair housing education, other housing education, and other housing programs), economic development (e.g. job creation and retention for full time employment, microenterprise assistance, or other economic development activities eligible under HUD guidelines), homeless services or other eligible services and Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) activities may use this application as a proposal for eligible activities that may not be considered public services. Follow-up documentation and information may be requested. Click Here for the CHDO Certification Template. The proposals will be reviewed and considered, however will not be included as part of the public services cycle. Community Development staff will assess funding availability, community needs, and administrative support needed to support non public service services.

To apply directly online, please visit the Neighborly Portal at CDBG Public Services Grant Application

General Fund Agency Grants - Notice of Funding Availability for Social Services

On January 25, 2024, applications for City of Hollywood FY 2025 General Fund Social Service Agency funding will be available. 

 All completed applications and related back-up information must be received by the City Manager’s Office no later than 3:00 p.m. on February 22, 2024

For more information, please visit: or contact Tymira Mack, Grants Administrator by email at or call 954-921-3551. 

Grant opportunities are typically announced at the beginning of the calendar year. The funding is available for the October 1- September 30 fiscal year. If your organization is interested in applying for future grant opportunities from the City of Hollywood and would like to receive notification of funding availability, please provide your agency name, contact and email address to Donna Biederman, Community Development Project Manager, with the Community Development Division. We will add the contact to the non-profit organization email list.