Living with Wildlife

**Turtle Lighting Ordinance**

Helpful Tips on Living With Wildlife

** It is suggested that you do not try to handle, trap or try to keep any wildlife as pets **

Sprinkle cayenne pepper around gardens and ornamental plants to keep wildlife from digging them up.

Spray fox or bob cat urine to deter raccoons, opossums and fox away from your property. This can be purchased at Outdoor World or Predator Urine Products at 1.800.218.1749.

Wrap metal guards, 18 inches or wider, around trees 5 or 6 feet above ground to deprive raccoons of access to roof tops and other buildings.

Submerge a wire mesh horizontally around the circumference of your pond, stretching the mesh and leaving the inside free, to deter a raccoon from raiding the fish.

Take all cat and/or dog food inside before dark every night so as not to encourage critters to stay in the area for a free handout.

Secure garbage can lids with a rope, chain or bungee cord fastened to each handle.

Lock all pet doors at night to keep critters out of your house.

For more wildlife information or to request an informative wildlife packet, contact Joshua Rickey at 954.921.3061 or 754.802.4660.