How to Read your Water Meter


Each numeric indicator around the face of the register indicates a tenth of a cubic foot and the sweep hand measures one cubic foot for each complete revolution. The register has odometer type dials that total all of the water that has passed through the meter. The two dials on the right are known as “dead zeros” and are not used when we read meters for billing purposes.

Since the City of Hollywood bills in hundred cubic foot increments, we only read up to the hundred foot dial (the last dial on the right side that has a black digit against a white background), which increases by one every time a hundred cubic feet of water passes through the meter. To convert this usage to gallons, please multiply your usage by 7.48. Example: If your usage is 100 cubic feet, you used 748 gallons.

Leak Indicator

The small red triangular dial near the center of the register is a flow or leak indicator and it will turn counterclockwise with the slightest amount of water that flows through the meter, even a dripping faucet. However, a slight back and forth movement may occur if the pressure from the main line is fluctuating somewhat, and is not significant.

Cubic Foot Registers – Large Meters

Larger water meters (greater than 1 inch size) for some commercial customers will have different register faces than most residential meters. Instead of a one cubic foot register, they will have 10-cubic feet (and possibly 100 cubic feet) register faces.

In the image here, a standard residential 5/8" meter, the register is labeled Cubic Feet, but the numeric indicators around the circumference indicate tenths of a cubic foot. One complete revolution of the sweep hand indicates a total flow of one cubic feet, and each of the small ticks around the circumference of the register are hundredths of a cubic foot. The two black dials with white numbers to the far right are not used when recording a reading for billing purposes.

Caution: If you remove the lid to read your meter, please make sure all the wires are placed back into the box before replacing the lid.