• Minimum education required: High School diploma or equivalent Florida State Firefighter certification.
  • Current Certificate of Compliance from the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.
  • State of Florida Emergency Medical Technician Certification is required.
  • Current Sate of Florida Paramedic Certification (required at time of hire).
  • Valid State of Florida Driver's License.
  • Pass the written test administered by Human Resources. Please contact Human Resources for further information.
  • Pass a minimum level physical ability exam, to measure the ability to perform certain job related physical tasks.
  • Pass the Oral interview with Command Staff. 
  • Once an applicant is selected then they are given a thorough medical examination and must pass the drug screening.
  • All potential firefighters must sign an affidavit stating that they do not smoke and have not in the past year. This is required by state regulations due to the Heart/Lung Bill.
The Paramedic certification shall be maintained throughout the firefighter's career.