Applications & Required Forms

Below you will find links to important applications and forms that you must submit prior to beginning your construction project. Download the forms by clicking on the link below or for additional information click on ePermit-Submittal-Guide. Completed applications may be submitted via email.

General Permit Fees

Checklist by Permit Type

Applications & Forms  

  1. Transmittal (Cover Sheet)
  2. Building Permit Application
  3. Contractor Record Management
  4. Affidavit of Awareness of Homeowners' HOA
  5. NOC- Notice of Commencement
  6. Survey Requirements & Affidavit
  7. Electronic Signature Affidavit
  8. Special Building Inspector
  9. Asbestos Certificate Information
  10. Owner-Builder Disclosure Statement
  11. Mechanical Equipment Certificate
  12. Residential Swimming Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Safety Act
  13. Homeowner Affidavit for Driveway

Request Forms

  1.  After Hours Inspection Request Form
  2. Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate Completion
  3. Change of Contractor Request
  4. Early Start Request form
  5. Expedite Plan Review Cycle Request Form
  6. Expired Permit Renewal Request Form
  7. Partial Certificate of Occupancy- PCO
  8. Permit Cancellation Request 
  9. Permit Extension Request 180-Days (Issued status)
  10. Permit Extension Request 60-Days (Applied status)
  11. Private Provider- Permit by Affidavit
  12. Temporary Certificate of Occupancy-TCO
  13. Change of Architect/Engineer

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