Hollywood Police Records Unit

Police-to-Citizen Portal

To obtain a police report from the department online, go to our newly launched Police-to-Citizen website: p2c.hollywoodfl.org.

The new website p2c.hollywoodfl.org allows you to search, view, and print a free PDF of accident reports. Additionally, you can view the Daily Bulletin which consists of a list of arrests, incidents, and citations that occurred on any chosen day. 

The P2C site will not show information related to active investigations, homicide, sex crimes, and fraud cases.

Anyone needing an official copy of a record will still need to go in person to the Hollywood Police Department.

You can watch a video tutorial on the portal.

 3250 Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood, FL 33021

Phone: 954-967-4480
Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

The Records Unit endeavors to provide high level customer service in facilitating and disseminating public records to our internal and external requestors in an appropriate and timely manner.

Reports may be requested by mail or in person. Phone, fax and email requests will not be accepted, nor will reports be faxed or emailed to requestors. Requests by mail must include the required fee along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Prior to mailing your request, call the Records Unit to confirm the report has been received and to obtain a cost for the report. Please note that some reports may require redaction of restricted information. Please allow 10 working days after an incident or accident has occurred before attempting to obtain a copy of a report.



The Records Manager is the Hollywood Police Department’s custodian of public records.  Pursuant to Section 119.12, Florida Statutes, the contact information for the Hollywood Police Department’s custodian of public records is to be prominently posted on the Hollywood Police Department’s website.

The contact information for the Records Manager is:

Erika Cheever, Acting Records Manager
Hollywood Police Department Records Section
3250 Hollywood Blvd, 3rd Floor
Hollywood, Florida  33020
954-967-4480 (Tel)
954-967-4391 (Fax)

Accident Reports

The State requires that anyone requesting an accident report within the first 60 days of its occurrence must complete an affidavit specifying why you are entitled to that report. You may use the link provided to print an ADOBE PDF copy of the affidavit.


If you are requesting an accident report by mail, please provide Records with a signed and notarized original of the crash report affidavit with your written request. After the 60th day no affidavit is required to obtain an accident report.

Accident reports over a year old may be obtained from Tallahassee at 850-617-3416.

The basic fees for copies of reports are:

  • .15¢ per single-sided copy 
  • .20¢ per double-sided copy
  • $1.00 per certified page

In accordance with F.S.S. 119.07(4)(d), an applicable service charge may be assessed for certain requests.

Arrest Reports

When an arrest is made you are immediately entitled to a copy of the arrest PC. Incident reports involving an arrest must be filed by the State Attorney’s Office prior to being released to the public.

Background Checks

Local background checks include arrests that are handled by the Hollywood Police Department.

Broward County background checks may be obtained from the Broward Sheriff’s Office located at 2601 West Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

State of Florida background checks may be obtained from FDLE’s website: http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/search or by calling 850-410-8109.


**Please call ahead for availability

Fingerprinting Services are offered by the Crime Scene Unit on the following days:

Tuesday and Wednesday

8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Residents: $10

Non-Residents: $15

Fingerprint cards are NOT provided by this agency and a valid photo ID is required for this service.