Department Overview

The City of Hollywood Police Department serves residents and visitors of the City by deploying interlocking divisions and units, each of which is specially trained and equipped to provide assistance in a range of our public safety and crime prevention issues. Individual officers are assigned to a division and given training specific to address the different needs of the community.

The following links will take you to some of the specialized units within the Hollywood Police Department:

Criminal Investigation Division - including Investigative Services Section, Special Victims Unit, and Crime Scene Investigations.

Patrol Services Division - including Uniform Patrol Officers, Canine Unit and Neighborhood Team Leaders.

Special Operations Division - including the Traffic Unit, Marine Unit, the Beach and Broadwalk Officers, SWAT, Crisis Negotiations, Downtown Officers, Dive Team and Special Events.

The following are brief descriptions of other units within the Police Department:

Street Crimes
The Street Crimes Unit is comprised of dedicated and highly motivated detectives whose primary responsibility is to combat street level crimes, such as prostitution and related vice crimes, narcotics, robberies, burglaries, and violations that reduce the "quality of life" for a neighborhood.

Street Crimes detectives frequently assume undercover identities to accomplish their goals and work closely with citizens and confidential informants to resolve difficult problems. They are routinely called upon to adapt their schedules, appearance, and tactics as needed, often on very short notice. The myriad of assignments and constantly changing nature of work makes an assignment to the Street Crimes Unit a highly sought after duty, and is an example of the Hollywood Police Department's effort to make the most efficient use of available resources.

Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics Unit

The Vice, Intelligence & Narcotics or V.I.N. Unit is responsible for conducting sophisticated undercover operations into organized narcotics trafficking, vice crimes, racketeering, money laundering and street level drug sales. The unit develops criminal intelligence with the purpose of anticipating and preventing further criminal activity.

V.I.N. unit Detectives, operate in an undercover capacity to ensure their safety and maintain the confidentiality of investigations.

Detectives routinely assume undercover identities to accomplish their goals and work closely with confidential informants. Assignment to the V.I.N. Unit is voluntary due to the special obligations and risks required of its members.

The tireless efforts of the Detectives assigned to the V.I.N. Unit are rewarded each year with drug seizures and asset forfeitures. The money seized from drug traffickers and money launderers is funneled back into the war against drugs.

To reach the V.I.N. Unit by telephone:
Ph: 954.967.4507
Fx: 954.967.4573
Send your Crime Tips to