Appeal a Ticket

Please do not pay your fine if you are appealing it.

If you believe your parking citation was issued in error, you can appeal through two levels: 

Level 1 - Administrative Appeal:

You must submit an appeal within 10 business days from the citation date.  After 10 business days, you lose your right to appeal.  

All citation appeals must be submitted in writing for review.  Citations may be appealed ONLINE or in person at the Parking Office by using the office Kiosk. Include any documentation to support your claim.  When submitting on-line, scan and upload your supporting documents. 

Until a decision is made, the citation fine is placed on hold, and no additional fees are charged.  You will receive a Notification of Decision Letter within 7 business days of submitting your appeal.  

Level 2 – County Court Appeal:
If your Administrative Appeal has been denied and you are dissatisfied with the result of the review, you can request a court date before a Broward County Court Judge.  

You must submit an Affidavit for Court Appeal to the Parking Office within 5 business days of the date on the Notification of Decision Letter.  After 5 business days, you lose your right to a Court Appeal.
You are responsible for following up on your appeal.  Check appeal status online or contact the Parking Office at (954) 921-3535.  Have your citation or license plate number ready.