Parking Permits

In an effort to better serve customers, the City of Hollywood’s Parking Division began upgrading the online Parking Portal on Thursday, February 15th. Currently the online Parking Portal can be used to pay a ticket and appeal a ticket. At this time, permit purchases online is still unavailable. To purchase a permit, please visit the Parking Office located at the City Hall Annex Building, 2600 Hollywood Boulevard, Monday through Thursday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Permits do not allow a vehicle to park in violation of any municipal code or parking regulation, such as exceeding posted time limits. Vehicles that remain parked will be cited.

City of Hollywood Permits are not valid in privately owned lots and garages that are open to the public.

Long-Term Parking in Downtown for Permit Holders - 24 Hours Maximum

Permit holders can park for up to 24 hours in the designated long-term parking areas located in downtown Hollywood. Vehicles that remain parked after 24 hours will be cited. Special Event Parking

The City reserves the right to charge a flat rate for special event parking. During special events, parking permits may be valid in the public parking garages permit holders will be required to pay the special event rate prior to entering the facilities.

You will need the following items:
  1. Permit Type (You will be asked to select classification: resident, non-resident, visitor, hotel/motel operator, employee, or business owner)
  2. A current driver's license
  3. A current vehicle registration (You will be asked to input vehicle make, model, year, color, license plate number and state of issue)
  4. Additional document(s) for the permit types below:
    Hollywood Resident - current lease agreement, current utility bill, voter registration card or tax bill. Utility bill includes water, phone, electric, and gas. All documents including driver's license and vehicle registration must have a Hollywood address and be in the name of the permit holder.
    Employee - Pay Stub or a notarized letter from place of employment
    Business Owner - Hollywood Local Tax Business Receipt

Permit Type
Permit Fee (tax included)
Valid Locations
Annual $159 Hollywood Resident

$318 Non-Hollywood Resident
Beach On-Street Metered Spaces, Beach City Garage and Downtown Long-Term Permit Areas
$21.20 a week / $53 a month
Beach On-Street Metered Spaces, Beach City Garage and Downtown Long-Term Permit Areas
Business/Employee Street $31.80 a month
Downtown Long-Term Permit Areas