New Utility Rates

The City of Hollywood recently approved a new utility rate structure that includes a rate increase while encouraging water conservation. Over the past 5 years the City focused on maintaining the rate structure, while finding alternative solutions to operational cost increases. Making rate adjustments now allows us to fund mandatory water and wastewater system upgrades needed to meet state and federal regulatory requirements, the renewal and replacement of aging equipment and infrastructure, and ensure the safety and reliability of the system and projects necessary for future growth and expansion.  
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Changes to Water and Wastewater Rates

Beginning October 1, 2019, the City of Hollywood implemented a new, simplified tiered rate structure for water and wastewater customers. Previously, the City had a 15 tier structure. The new modified three tier structure is designed to reward customers who conserve water and create an incentive for those who currently do not. This allows customers greater control over their monthly bill. The charges for water increase as usage increases. Simply put, the more water a customer consumes, the higher the rate they are charged. Most common rates for customers located inside the City are shown below, for a comprehensive list of rates please click here.  Please note rates for utility customers located outside the city are 1.25 times rates shown.

Water Rates

Effective October 1, 2019. New rates will be adjusted by the price index on October 1st of each year.
Base Residential Per Unit    
Single Family $6.76 $7.82
Multi-Family $4.80 $5.94
Usage Single Family Residential (CFF)    
0 - 500 $2.41 $2.50
501 - 1,500 $4.82 $5.00
1,501+ $6.03 $9.99
1,501 - 2,000 $7.23 N/A
2,001+ $8.44 N/A
Usage Multi Family Residential (ranges adjusted by unit)    
0 - 400 $2.41 $2.50
401 - 1,100 $4.82 $5.00
1,101+ $6.03 $9.99
1,101 - 1,400 $7.23 N/A
1,401+ $8.44 N/A

Wastewater Rates

Effective October 1, 2019. New rates will be adjusted by the price index on October 1st of each year.
Base Residential (per unit)    
Single Family $6.48 $7.83
Multi-Family $4.60 $5.95
Usage Single Family Residential (CCF)    
0-1,500 $7.15 $7.26
1,501-2000 $7.15 No Charge
2000+ No Charge No Charge
Usage Multi-Family Residential (CCF) range adjusted by unit    
0 - 1,100 $7.15 $7.26
1,101-1400 $7.15 No Charge
1401+ No Charge No Charge

Changes to Stormwater Rates

The City’s stormwater rate has remained unchanged for more than 10 years. The new rate of $6.12 will take effect beginning October 1, 2019. All water customers will see a slight increase in their monthly base rate. For 
seasonal customers who live here less than 12 months a year, a minimum monthly base rate will be charged regardless of use. The base rate charges ensure a steady revenue stream from all users to fund the infrastructure (pipes and treatment plant) necessary for the City to provide service.

Stormwater Rates

Effective October 1, 2019. New rates will be adjusted by the price index on October 1st of each year.
Stormwater per ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit) $3.22 $6.12  

Additional changes to your utility bill:

  • Use of the Florida Public Service Commission Annual Price Index applied to all rates, charges and fees
  • Base rate and usage charges applied to all customer accounts, regardless of account status or usage
  • Market adjustments for required deposits, new service connection charges and fees for violations 

FAQs on New Water, Wastewater & Stormwater Rates

Why was a rate increase necessary? 
The City has maintained the same water and wastewater rates for 5 years. There is a need to fund capital projects so the City can continue to provide both reliable and safe drinking water and meet new/changing regulatory requirements for water and wastewater treatment.  Additionally, the South Florida Water Management District requires the City continue to employ a rate structure that promotes water conservation.  

How much of an increase will an average single family residential customer see on their bill? 
The average single family residential customer’s monthly water usage is 600 cubic feet (approximately 4,500 gallons). This means the average water customer will pay $25.32 a month, an increase of $1.69. The average water and wastewater customer will pay $76.71, an increase of $3.70 a month.  

If I use water in the higher tiers, will all my water be charged at that amount?  
No. Bills will be calculated so that water consumed in each tier is charged at that tier rate.  Only the amount of water consumed in a higher tier will be charged at that corresponding higher tier rate.

How much of an increase will there be to the stormwater rate?
The City has maintained the same stromwater rate for 10 years. The stormwater rate is increasing from $3.22 to $6.12. Stormwater rates, charges and fees will be updated each year based on the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) Annual Price Index.

Will wastewater charges be assessed with a tiered rate?  
No, wastewater services will continue to be charged using a “flat” rate structure. The big change is that wastewater will only be billed up to 1,500 cubic feet for residential customers. Under the prior rate structure, wastewater flow for residential customers was billed up to 2,000 cubic feet. Charges do not apply to usage in excess of 1,500 cubic feet for residential customers. Non-residential customers will continue to be charged for all wastewater usage. 

How have commercial/non-residential charges changed?
The commercial/non-residential water rates have been simplified, and the tiered rate structure replaced with a uniform rate structure in which all flow is charged at the same rate.

How can I save money on my monthly utility bill?
Simply put, the less water you use the more you save on your bill. The City offers a number of programs that are designed to help you conserve water, thereby lowering your utility bill. Learn more about conservation here.

Convert Usage from Cubic Feet to Gallons

The City reads and bills the usage on your meters in cubic feet. To convert this usage to gallons, please multiply your usage by 7.48. Example: If your usage is 100 cubic feet, you used 748 gallons.

Garbage & Recycling Services

For inquiries regarding garbage and recycling services, as well as disposal of hard junk please call 954.967.4200.