Credits & Adjustments

Sewer Credit

Utility customers who receive City sewer service (do not have a septic tank) are eligible to apply for a sewer billing credit for the following reasons under Section 52.53(H) of Hollywood’s Municipal Code:

  1. There has been a significant leak of over 500 cubic feet of water (more than 3,700 gallons) at your service location.
  2. There is a swimming pool at your service location which was recently filled.

Click here to download the sewer credit application.

High Water Use Billing Adjustment

If your water meter has registered unusually high water usage due to a leak or other valid circumstance and has resulted in a higher than average monthly bill, you may be eligible for a high use billing adjustment pursuant to Section 51.039 of Hollywood's Municipal Code, provided the following conditions are met:

  • Customer must complete the application for a High Water Use Billing Adjustment and submit it to the City as soon as possible after the high use occurs.
  • If the high use was not due to a leak, customer must indicate on the application the other valid circumstance believed to have caused the high use. Supporting documentation is very important in consideration of a customer’s request pursuant to Municipal Code, and the customer should provide as much supporting documentation as possible.
  • If the high use is due to a leak, the utility customer must indicate on the application the location of the leak and the date it was repaired. Supporting documentation is very important in consideration of a customer's request pursuant to Municipal Code.
    • A copy of the plumber's bill should accompany the application form. If the customer repaired the leak, an original receipt from a hardware supply store for the purchase of necessary supplies to fix the leak, along with any other evidence of the repair, should be provided.
  • Only accounts with usage in any month exceeding 200 percent of the average monthly usage for the previous 12 months will be considered for a billing adjustment, and only once in a 12-month period.
    • The water use that is in excess of a customer’s average monthly use will be recalculated at the lowest tiered water rate for an adjustment period of up to two months and the difference applied to the customer’s utility account as a billing adjustment.

Submitting An Application

Please mail or hand-deliver your completed application form to:

Utility Customer Service
City of Hollywood, Room 103
2600 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, FL 33020

Review Process
Once the City has received your completed application and supporting documentation, the information and account history will be reviewed. Customer billing adjustments must be approved by both the Director of Public Utilities and the Finance Director. You will be notified in writing of the final decision. Upon final approval of your request, the adjustment will be applied to your account and will be reflected on your next billing statement.

If you have additional questions, please call Utility Billing Customer Service at 954.921.3938.