Vendor Forms and Documents

The City of Hollywood is regularly seeking new sources of supply as well as expansion of business into new areas with registered vendors. The Procurement Office is committed to ensuring that doing business with the City is a seamless, efficient and transparent experience.
The forms and documents below will assist companies with registering as a City vendor, tax information, and other terms and policies.

Bid Notification

Consumer Certificate of Exemption Form

Consumer Certificate of Exemption Form
This document states that the City of Hollywood, as a municipal political subdivision of the State of Florida, is exempt for state sales tax or federal excise tax.

Local Business Preference

Do you operate a Hollywood-based business? Learn about the City of Hollywood's local business preference ordinance and how it can benefit your company.


Federal W-9 form. Must be completed and submitted with Vendor Registration Form.

Sample Certificate of Insurance

COI Sample. The Seller of services must have secured and maintained the required certificate of insurance and must list the City as an additional insured of this coverage. The Seller must have worker's compensation coverage as required by law. Any exception to the above stated limits or other requirements must be endorsed and approved by the City of Hollywood Risk Manager. The City reserves the right to require any other insurance it deems necessary depending on the exposure.