Firefighters' Pension Board


The purpose of the Firefighters Pension Fund Board is to provide oversight for the investment and reinvestment of the assets of the pension fund for the sole and exclusive purpose of funding, in whole or part, the benefits to which all members of the plan are entitled. The board considers matters such as investments, service retirements, disability retirements and the hiring or discharging of any outside professional (actuaries, accountants, etc.) seeking to uphold the fiduciary duties set forth in the Hollywood Firefighters' Pension Plan.


Email Address Term Expires
Jason Rosner (Chair) 6/30/2020
Christopher Del Campo (Fire Chief Rep) No Term
Rafael Fuentes (Fireman) 3/2020
Derek Fleischner (Fireman) 4/2021
Brian Wilkie (Fireman) 4/2022

The Law Firm of Klausner, Kaufman, Jensen and Levinson, Board Attorney
Foster & Foster (Ferrell Jenne), Pension Administrator 239.333.4872
Hollywood Fire Pension 

Annual Disclosures
112.664 Compliance       Annual Report 60T
There are zero positions vacant.