African American Advisory Council


The African American Advisory Council's purpose is to keep the Commission and staff informed about the needs and concerns of African Americans in the City of Hollywood. The council is dedicated to promoting fairness and equality in economic, employment, housing, education and cultural opportunities.

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African American History and Culture Workshop Series

Barry University, in partnership with the City of Hollywood's African American Advisory Council, hosted an African American History and Culture Workshop Series in 2015. The workshops covered a wide variety of topics and proved to be an interactive, educational experience that included noted lecturers, informative film clips, story-telling and role-play activities. The series launched on February, 2015 and continued through the month of April. The videos are available for viewing on the City's YouTube Channel.


Joann Fullington-Reese 06/30/2023
Khadji Gregory-Faal 06/30/2021
Bernard Isler 06/30/2023
Georgette Laskey-Wiggins   06/30/2021
Richard Louis   06/30/2021 
Marie Woodson 06/30/2021 
Gabriel Short 06/30/2023
Henry Graham 06/30/2021
Carolyn Pitter 06/30/2023
Michael Hoffman (Alternate) 06/30/2021

Amanee Tyson  06/30/2023
Vacant (Alternate) 06/30/2023
Vacant (Alternate) 06/30/2023

There are five positions vacant. Contact Staff Liaison Anthony Grisby at 954.921.3271 for more information.