Adopt A Catch Basin Program

What is a catch basin?

A catch basin is a drain that collects stormwater from streets and transports it down into the ground or to local waterways via underground infrastructure.

Why Should I adopt a catch basin?

Catch basins exist to prevent flooding. Unfortunately, over time they can become clogged with debris, trash, or leaf litter.  Keeping them clean helps prevent flooding and surface water pollution.

How can I adopt a catch basin?

  1. Select a catch basin or stormdrain near your residence.  Please do not select a drain in a roadway or other hazardous area.
  2. Complete the Adopt A Catch Basin application by clicking on the photo of the catch basin below, or clicking here to open the application.
  3. Inspect the catch basin at least monthly, and before storms, and clean as needed.  Please follow all safety guidance listed on the application.
  4. Submit proof of maintenance, including the catch basin address to
  5. Points will be assigned for each submission.  The catch basins with the most points annually will receive rewards for helping to prevent flooding and waterway pollution!

Click on the photo to the right to open an application. Paper applications are also available at City Hall and Community Centers.  If you would like a paper application mailed to you, or for additional questions, please call 954-921-3414.

To report debris or other issues with a basin or drain, please call

 954-921-3046 or email:

To submit proof of maintenance for a drain you have already adopted, please click here, or email before and after photos, drain location, and your contact information to

                     Catch Basin in Need of Cleaning

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