General Obligation Bond Projects

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Monday, November 27, 2023
General Obligation Bond Committee Meeting
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm - 
City Hall, Room 215

To view GOB Advisory Committee Updates, Meeting Minutes, Agendas, and Presentations CLICK HERE.


On March 12, 2019, City of Hollywood voters passed a General Obligation Bond (GO Bond) during a Special Election to fund a variety of city-wide public improvement projects totaling $165 million (election results posted at the end of this page). The GO Bonds will cover city-wide improvements in three broad categories:

     -  Public Safety Facilities, Technology and Equipment - $78 million               

     -  Parks, Open Space, Recreational and Cultural Facilities - $64 million

     -  Neighborhood Improvements, Infrastructure and Resiliency - $23 million

With input from the community and an assessment of city-wide needs, a list of projects was created to be funded using bonds dollars. A Design and Construction Management team was assembled and projects are now underway. 

Below is a table of projects with details and the latest status updates. Project status updates and other information related to each project will be updated regularly.


Hollywood Police Department Headquarters- 3250 Hollywood Boulevard

DCM-19-001190 Heather Guenot 6 $72,551,950
New headquarters estimated at 100,000 SF including a 310 space parking garage.

The project is in the Construction Documents phase. Site, building and landscaping details are being designed in detail, and coordination with design team for the new radio tower is ongoing.
The Construction Manager at Risk is under a preconstruction services contract and is working with the Design Team on many aspects of the project including schedule and construction budget. The team is working on the application for a federally-funded $1 million Hazard Mitigation Grant.
New website launched Site will be updated monthly with all project details, documents, FAQ, site plans, public feedback form, etc
Fire Department Equipment Acquisition

DCM-19-001191 Chief Poli City-wide $5,103,937 Replacement of four ALS Rescue Units, 2 Engines, 1 Hazmat Truck, 1 Battalion Command Vehicle, Aerial Platform Vehicle. 1) Two (2) Fire Engines: Project Completed

2) Four (4) Rescue Units: Two (2) units have been put “In Service”. Two (2) additional Rescue units have been ordered and should be delivered by the end of the year.

3) Aerial Platform Vehicle: The aerial platform has been delivered and is in service.

4) Battalion Chief Vehicle: Project Completed.

5) Hazardous Materials Units: The hazardous materials unit is now in service.


Hollywood Beach Golf Course Clubhouse/Community Center and Perimeter Park - 1600-1650 Johnson St

For a copy of the presentation, please call 954-921-3410. 
DCM-19-001194 Alex
1 $12,798,726 New Clubhouse/Community Center on SW corner to include pro shop, dining area, meeting space, cart barn, staging area, signage and parking. Renovate 18 holes with re-alignment for relocated clubhouse. New irrigation, cart paths, landscaping and course restrooms. New curbing and fencing along 17th Ave.
Club house /community center expansion budget increase was approved, and design is currently in progress. 
Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc. and Richard Mandell Golf Architecture are finalizing construction documents which is the last phase of the design process. 
Final Technical Advisory Committee Meeting was held on 4/17/2023. The consultants are working on addressing the comments for final approval.
Langan Engineering and Miller Leg are addressing comments from South Florida Water Management District, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Broward County. 
 The National Golf Foundation was hired by the City as a third party consultant to review RMGA’s plans and cost estimates. Wadsworth Construction was hired by the City to provide cost estimating services based on RMGA’s golf course construction documents. The new address for the clubhouse will be 1645 Polk Street as it was the original address when the clubhouse was built in 1924 in the SW corner of HBGC.
Public meeting was held on August 22.

Former Sunset Golf Course Park Conversion

DCM-19-001193 David Vazquez 3 $12,000,000 Purchase of the privately owned approximately 45 acre former Sunset Golf Course site for nature preserve and new passive public park space to include nature trails, landscaping, and fencing. (Additional grant funding may be needed for park construction based on final) On October 21, 2020, Mayor Levy signed the closing documents to purchase 45 acre of open green space, formally known as the Sunset Golf Course. Project Completed.
Orangebrook Golf & Country Club Revitalization (400 Entrada Drive) DCM-19-001195 Alex Iglesias 6 $24,789,613 New 15,000 sq. ft. multi-use clubhouse, ADA accessible nature preserve path within course designed with wildlife habitat/biodiversity for walking, jogging, biking, improved course drainage and water retention capacity, renovate 36 holes of golf to include an 18 hole championship course and an 18 hole Par 3 course, enhance putting/chipping area and driving range, new 10,000 sq. ft. cart barn, new 12,000 sq. ft. maintenance building, course restrooms and starter shack, new cart paths, illuminate 9 holes for evening play, parking lot and entryway signage. The City is currently in negotiations with GCF/PPG, the selected P3 developer for the Orangebrook Golf Course project, to finalize the Comprehensive Agreement/Ground Lease. A final approval of the Comprehensive Agreement/Ground is currently expected to presented at the July 7, 2023 City Commission meeting.

Dowdy Sports Field
​2161 Johnson Street
DCM-19-001197 David Vazquez 2 $2,500,254 Replace artificial turf field 130 x 100 yds., install new artificial turf field and drainage 130 x 60 yds., re-lamp with LED sports lighting, remove baseball netting, poles, dugout, resurface parking. LED light upgrade projected completed. Field Turf layout is finalized. The two City lots north of the fields that are used for Dowdy Fields overflow parking have been resurfaced and painted. Existing baseball infrastructure located in the northwest portion of the site was demolished. South parking lot work will be coordinated in conjunction with the Armory project. The permit required to move forward is still pending with Broward County. Once the permit is approved a schedule will be developed.
Former Armory at Dowdy Sports Field - 2161 Johnson Street

DCM-19-001196 Karyn Sashi 2 $2,411,274 Renovate building to create an indoor sports facility including basketball/batting cages/soccer goals. ADA compliant restrooms, office space, meeting room, storage area. Exterior landscaping and connect building to Dowdy field. The architect has completed 100% construction documents and the permit application has been submitted to the building department. The contractor is working on providing a final construction cost, called the Guaranteed Maximum Price, or GMP. 
Art & Culture Center Multidisciplinary Arts Education Center

DCM-19-001214 Alex Iglesias 1 $2,500,000 City contribution to construction of multi-disciplinary arts-education spaces and expansion/renovation of visual arts galleries. Multipurpose dance/drama room, visual arts and music classrooms, distance learning broadcast studio, mixed-use studio theater, interactive contemporary gallery and meeting/reception room. The City of Hollywood Building and County Permits were approved in December 2022. The City provided additional funding to close the financial gap as reflected above. Staff is working with the Art and Culture staff to acquire supplemental grants and additional funding. The Mayor and Commission voted to approve Resolution R-2023-096, which authorizes City officials to negotiate Phase I Preconstruction Services for the Art and Culture Center renovation and expansion project with Pirtle Construction Company, the highest-ranked firm.

Hollywood West Sports Park - 6770 Garfield St DCM-19- 001211 David Vazquez 5 $1,111,320 Replace artificial turf, replace floratam with bermuda, main field fencing, new bleachers and ancillary park equipment. Field Turf completed artificial turf renovation on December 23rd, 2021. Laser grading completed. Bermuda sod delivery expected prior to end of project schedule timeframe is December 2022. Bermuda sod installation completed. Purchase of ancillary park equipment pending.
Holland Park/Sailors Point Improvements- 801 Johnson St DCM-19-001213 Karyn Sashi 1 $697,619 Refurbish pavilions and restrooms, resurface parking lot, replace floating docks, install shade system, refurbish observation tower. Improve walk ways and sea wall cap. The shade system at Sailors Point has been installed over the picnic tables. The cleaning and painting of the pavilions has been completed. The pavilions can now be differentiated as the green or blue pavilions. The parking lots and pathways have been milled, resurfaced, and striped.

The restroom renovations and construction were completed at the end of March.

Rotary Park Sport Fields- 3150 Taft St DCM-19-001198 Rudy Damas 3 $910,972 Add sports field underdrain to Pell, Whitlock, Rotary 1 and Shull fields to improve drainage to reduce field downtime. Address run-off from plaza and drainage in alleyway. Staff is working on potential grant opportunities to provide supplemental funding.

ArtsPark Improvements - 1 Young Circle DCM-19-001199 Alex Iglesias 1 $496,019 Install artistic fence to secure Amphitheatre area during ticketed events.  Replace playground pieces and safety surface.
Hollywood Woodwork was selected to prepare a design/build solution to include plans and shop drawings to be approved by the City and the residents.
Panel samples/mock ups are being produced and a public meeting will be scheduled to gather input from the community regarding their preferred the panel design and color concept in the summer.

Bicentennial Park - 7300 Farragut St

DCM-19-001200 David Vazquez 5 $294,118 Replace playground equipment, safety surfacing, shade system, replace entry gate, replace exercise equipment, resurface walking path and replace ancillary park equipment. This park is located at 7300 Farragut St, northeast of Sheridan and NW 74th. Project has been completed.
Joe DiMaggio Park - 1001 Three Island Blvd DCM-19-001204 David Vazquez 1 $318,199 Replace playground equipment, safety surfacing, shade system, exercise pieces and replace ancillary park equipment. This park is located on the Southeast corner of Washington St and Three Islands Blvd. Project has been completed.
Montella Park - 1231 N 69th Way

DCM-19-001203 David Vazquez 5 $324,019 Replace playground equipment, safety surfacing, shade cover and ancillary park equipment.This park is located on the South east corner of Arthur St and N 69th Way. Project has been completed.
Washington Park - 5199 Pembroke Rd DCM-19-001202 David Vazquez 6 $286,927 Upgrade fields to Bermuda grass, replace field fencing, remodel press box, resurface basketball court, remove baseball field and fence and replace ancillary park equipment.This park is located on the Northeast corner of Pembroke Rd and S 52nd Ave. Project has been completed.
Cathy & Bob Anderson Park - 5800 Thomas St

DCM-19-001201 David Vazquez 4 $255,897 Replace playground equipment, safety surface, shade system; resurface sport court, walkway and parking lot; and replace ancillary park equipment.This well used neighborhood facility is located at 5800 Thomas St just east of US 441. Project has been completed.

Jefferson Park - 1501 Jefferson St DCM-19-001207 David Vazquez 1 $225,966 Replace playground equipment, safety surfacing, shade cover and upgrade basketball posts and goals.This park is located North of Jefferson St between S 16th Ave and S 15th Ave. Playground project completed. Basketball posts and goals upgrade will be completed under the pending non-GOB court renovation project to be completed in 2023.
John B. Kooser Park - 1401 Polk Street

DCM-19-001209 David Vazquez 1 $79,841 Replace playground equipment, safety surfacing and ancillary park equipment.This park is located on the Northwest corner of Polk St ant N 14th Ave. Purchase order for playground vendor issued. Awaiting approval for site survey work. Survey vendor scheduled to begin work November 2. Project duration approximately 4-6 weeks. City permit is routing for approval. Once the permit is approved a schedule will be developed.
John Williams Park -6101 Sheridan Street

DCM-19-001212 David Vazquez 5 $360,868 Replace playground equipment, safety surfacing, shade system, resurface walking path and ancillary park equipment.This park is on Sheridan between US 441 and the Florida Turnpike. Playground project completed. Pathway approved by City Commission approval on December 7. Pathway work scheduled to begin on January 23.
Poinciana Park - 1301 S 21st Ave DCM-19-001205 David Vazquez 2 $261,793 Replace playground equipment, safety surfacing, shade cover, resurface basketball court, replace ancillary park equipment and upgrade dog park.This park is located South of Plunkett St between S 21st Ave and S 20th Ct. Basketball court resurfacing completed. Playground equipment installation completed. Working with procurement on the purchase of dog park equipment.
Veterans/Sal Oliveri Park - 4701 Tyler St DCM-19-001210 David Vazquez 3 $149,948 Replace playground equipment, replace safety surfacing, shade cover, and ancillary park equipment. This park is located on Tyler St between N 48th Ave and N 46th Ave. Project has been completed.
Zinkil Park - 5451 Washington St DCM-19-001206 David Vazquez 6 $604,688 Replace playground equipment safety surfacing, shade covers, swing set/turf and replace ancillary park equipment. This park is located North of Washington St between S 56th Ave and S 54th Ave. Playground project completed. Pathway work approved by City Commission approval on December 7. Pathway work commence on January 17.


FEC Corridor Safety and Landscaping Enhancements DCM-19-001184 Rudy Damas 2 $1,859,660 Provide fencing and landscaping along the FEC corridor to enhance safety and appearance. This project is being coordinated with Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Complete Streets Master Plan. Project Design completion on hold. City Staff will meet with the FEC staff to discuss project scope and limits for project direction.
Gateway and Neighborhood Monument Signs DCM-19-001186 Karyn Sashi City-wide $897,450 Improvements to 64 gateway and neighborhood monument signs throughout the City. The City of Hollywood has procured Brooks and Scarpa to design the Neighborhood and Gateway signs have commenced with the initial design phase.  Public meetings were held with various community associations to gather feedback from the community on final design choice. 

Neighborhood Sound Walls

Virtual Community Meeting

DCM-19-001183 Rudy Damas 4 & 5 $1,011,448 Reconstructing deteriorated neighborhood sound walls along Hollywood Boulevard and North 46th Avenue. Construction of the 46th Avenue section was successfully completed in March 2023. In addition, City Commission approved an amendment to the budget in March to provide additional funding for the completion of the Hollywood Boulevard section. A construction contract is currently being negotiated to begin the final design and construction of this wall.

Traffic Calming & Control - Various locations DCM-19-001185 Rudy Damas Citywide $2,189,118 Traffic Improvements including pedestrian safety, signage & swale enhancements. The design phase is currently around 20%. In addition, Atkins is working on sending letters to Residents that will be affected by the traffic Improvements for Speed table concurrence. A Public Meeting is currently being scheduled during the summer to gather feedback regarding final recommendations and traffic calming solutions for the various districts.

Tidal Flooding Mitigation and Sea Walls

DCM-19-001187 Luis Lopez 1 $14,091,065 Phase I of Tidal Flooding mitigation where no current shoreline protection exists, Phase II of Tidal Flooding Mitigation with improvements of existing shoreline protection. (Additional funding to cover complete project costs to be sought from the 1% local option surtax). The project is currently under design; given the Florida Department of Environmental Protection grant agreement that was executed in November 2022. The Grant will fund the design and construction Phase II and III of the project. The Grant award in the amount of $14,122,000 doubles the size of the City project budget. The design contract for Phase II and III was approved and awarded to consultant who has began design efforts. A preliminary project timeline has been developed and the consultant has updated the conceptual designs to incorporate the comments and feedback received at the Public Meeting. A follow up Public Meeting is being plan for the summer to provide an general update and overview of the project’s current status.

Undergrounding of Utilities North Beach DCM-19-001188 Nicole Heran 1 $2,711,229 Hardening of utilities for barrier island north beach area outside of the CRA to include residential streets east of A1A to the ocean. Includes pavement restoration, road resurfacing and replacement of street lights. Construction documents are 100% complete. All permits from the AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdiction) have been approved and the right-of-way permits are underway. The Construction Manager at Risk Whiting Turner is currently bid this project to the market to provide a propose Guaranteed Maximum Price for this project. The project is currently underfunded, and the City is looking for grant opportunities and a variety of sources of funding to close the gap.

How Have These Projects Been Funded?

The GO Bond improvement projects were funded through a General Obligation Bond (GO Bond). A GO Bond is one way cities fund major construction projects such as roads, parks, drainage, and/or buildings. They were backed by the full faith and credit of the City. The GO Bond will be a 25 year bond that would be repaid through an additional percentage on your property tax bill. General Obligation Bonds require voter approval. All the money will be spend right here in Hollywood.

Why Was a GO Bond Proposed?

The City of Hollywood maintains more than 85 facilities and parks, 400+ miles of streets and alleys, 301 miles of sidewalks and 5+ miles of beach. Each year the City adopts a 5-year plan to address large scale maintenance projects, renovations and construction of new facilities. This allows the City to plan funding for maintenance of its basic infrastructure such as street resurfacing, sidewalk repair, facility upkeep, etc. After more than a year of public input, needs assessments, and cost analysis, many significant projects in all areas of the City were identified as important to improve the safety and quality of life for Hollywood residents. GO Bonds are a cost-effective way for cities to pay for major projects like these. 

The City uses various sources of funding to pay for the projects. Such funding sources include:

        •  Taxes
        •  Debt Financing (borrowing money)
        •  Licenses
        •  Permit Fees
        •  Charges for Services
        •  State and Federal Grants

Even with these sources of revenue, the City currently does not have available funds to complete many proposed improvement projects. Debt financing has been the primary mechanism for paying for large, City-wide projects. The interest and principal (debt service) on debt financed projects is repaid by the General Fund Operating Budget over a period of time. The City has the ability to pay for debt financing but, if you add in paying for the annual debt service too, that figure limits the amount of funding available for capital improvement projects in any one year. Bond financing allows cities to spread the cost for large projects out over many years.

When Can I See The Results of the GO Bond?

The bonds will be issued in phases: Phase 1 of $70 million dollars was issued in September 2019, and will fund the majority of the GO Bond projects. The second issuance of the remaining dollars is planned for 2022 and will fund construction of the new Police Headquarters and the Orangebrook Golf and Country Club Revitalization project.  

What Areas Will Be Impacted?

All areas of the City will see improvements.