P25 Communication System

P25 Project Background

In October 2014, Broward County launched a Regional 911 emergency communications system (E911), as mandated by voters in 2002. With the regionalization, eight Public Safety Answering Points were consolidated into three, located in Coconut Creek, Pembroke Pines and Sunrise, staffed 24/7 with trained 911 dispatchers. The Broward County E911 Radio System serves 29 municipalities and the Broward Municipal Service District. Technical, communication and other safety concerns prompted the County Commission to approve major improvements to the countywide E911 radio communications system in 2015. The target date for launching the new P25 Communication System is planned for October 2019.  

typical communication tower

P25 System Requirements

The P25 Communication System calls for the construction of additional transmit/receive radio tower sites in Broward Count in an effort to reduce radio coverage gaps, eliminate "dead spots" along the oceanfrount, high rise buildings and western parts of the county, provide overlapping coverage with surrounding sites and to improve overall performance in the event of a system interruption.

Partnering with Broward County on the P25 

The City and Broward County are working together to explore options for a 16th site proposed for east Hollywood that could be deployed and integrated into the County's system within the project deadline to help ensure all of Broward County is covered by the new P25 Communication System. 

Below are links correspondences with the County and City regarding this matter, as well as links to multiple feasibility studies: