General Obligation Bond Advisory Committee


The General Obligation Bond Oversight Advisory Committee is an advisory committee and will monitor the implementation of the General Obligation Bond (GOB) projects.  The Committee will receive GOB project updates and review project status on a regular basis at least twice a year, and more frequently when necessary.  The Committee will make recommendations, in consultation with City staff. The Commission is empowered to make final decisions.  Any funding determinations require the City Commission’s approval.
Board Created R-2018-389 15 Members

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 Name  Email Address  Term Expires
Architect Category
Louis Birdman (District 1) 06/30/2022
Engineer Category

Construction Industry
Salvatore Grilli (District 5) 06/30/2022
Sports League/Recreation Category
Molly Taylor (District 5) 06/30/2022
Chamber of Commerce Category
Clive Taylor (District 1) 06/30/2022
Finance Industry Category
Lynn Smith (District 2) 06/30/2022
Student Category

Representing District 1
Terrence Cantrell 06/30/2022
Representing District 2
Christine Corbo 06/30/2022
Representing District 3
Thomas Lander 06/30/2022
Representing District 4
Lloyd Edelstein 06/30/2022
Representing District 5
Annette Smith 06/30/2022
Representing District 6
Richard Petrovich 06/30/2022
Representing At-Large
David Kout (District 2) 06/30/2022
Representing At-Large
Daniel Derrico (District 6) 06/30/202
Jose Cortes, Staff Liaison, 954.921.3410. There are two positions vacant.